Question I got yesterday from a guy whose feet are hanging over his shoes got me thinking. Are your feet hanging over your shoes? Actually, physically hanging over your shoes?

Extended bottoms are something that we provide in our footwear and very proud of it. That means that a 9E shoes is on a 10E base. A 4E is on a 5E base and a 5E it’s on a 6E base. There’s no hang over, your foot has the base there, that your foot lays there flat, and doesn’t hang over.
If you get a shoe that you don’t have the proper width in the bottom, as well as the upper, then you are going to ride the edges of the shoe and oh boy that will hurt you. That is going to cause irritation. Even if you have great inserts, that’s still going to hang over and irritate. Make sure you have extended bottoms. Make sure you have an orthopedic therapeutic footwear. Make sure you have a taller toe box, a fuller toe box. Ensure that you have a stronger heel counter that doesn’t, have the bilateral movement to it.
And please try to get the extended bottoms as much as possible. And it does make a difference. And that’s the simplest way of putting it. And it does help because I mean, I’ve got people that say that they’re in tears after a day’s work, because those side rims of the shoe, I have just in stiching has irritated the foot crazy and made a lot of problems.
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