Special Orders

Here’s a video that explains the process of ordering “special order footwear” and that is for added color (that we don’t stock) or developed a style in the 9E 10E or 14E widths for Men and  Women.

We at dtfootwear.com can special order all most every style and color that is already on our website. As an example, if you wear a 14E width and you desire an athletic shoe that’s not shown on our website in your width, call, email or text us and see how you can get your desired shoe style and color in your size. It is that simple. Please understand, special ordered shoes can take up to (4to 6) four weeks for delivery.
Here is your opportunity to get that shoe style and color you have wished for in your hard to find shoe size.


Note: this $95.00 charge is for one pair – so if your order two pairs you need to “click here” twice and this will show a $95.00 fee twice on your cart.

Back Order – no charge and that is a style and size we have in stock and out of your size. We’ll order from the factory, and it will take 4 weeks (usually) to get to our warehouse and off to you

Backorders and Speical orders cannot deal with the following styles:

Styles that start with an “M.”

Styles that begin with a “W.”

Styles that start with the number “0.”

1) Adding a new color to a selected group of styles:  $95.00 and 4 to 6 weeks in delivery

2) Adding a new width or length to an in-stock style (e.g.) 9702 L White/Black in a 17 10E. A $95.00 per pair charge and 4 to 6 weeks in delivery

3) Needing 18 to 20 length for men’s shoes (selected styles) $95.00 4 to 6 weeks in delivery

4) Split sizes in Men’s or Women’s styles (selected group) will be charged for two pairs of shoes and receive one pair of two different sizes

5) Charcot shoes one style for women and three styles for Men (these styles will send to you from our special catalog) some stock but could be 4 to 6 weeks out on delivery.  Again, not shown on the website.  Varies women’s 185.00 and Men’s 185.00 to 280.00 the prices and sizing shown  through the catalog that we’ll send to you

6) Surgical Opening shoes (ideal for fused ankle joints) two styles for men’s and one style for women. Not shown on the website but we can send you a catalog of styles and prices for you and some stock but could be special order if needed

7) Women’s Post-Op Shoes three styles and not shown on the website, but the special catalog can be sent to you. The prices and sizes are included in the catalog, and we have stock, but this could be a special order determining the width and sizes.

8) Men’s Post-Op Shoes three styles and two styles for Men’s Post-Op shoes. Again not shown on the web site but a special catalog will be sent to you, and you see the styles, sizes and the prices of each time. Have stock but could be a particular order item.

8) Ordering a shoe that is needed in a 9E, 10E or 14 E width for Men or Women styles and found in a 5E, 6E, 7E widths and that is for Women and Men styles. $95.00 per pair charge and 4 to 6 weeks delivery


Ron Heinlein
CEO of DTF Company
909 215 1622