The third tallest NBA player at 7’ 6” (actually tied with Yao Ming) is Shawn Bradley who played 12 years in the NBA/


The third tallest NBA player at 7’ 6” (actually tied with Yao Ming) is Shawn Bradley who played 12 years in the NBA/

Ron Heinlein


Ron Heinlein

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I have been in the footwear business for over 50 years and been trained by the best in the Therapeutic/Orthopedic world.

The third tallest NBA player at 7’ 6” (actually tied with Yao Ming) is Shawn Bradley who played 12 years in the NBA. While we don’t carry Shawn’s shoe size of 22 (out of our size bracket), we do provide lengths up to and including a 20. Women’s sizes are available up to and including a 15 length. Now if Shawn did wear a 20, and required a wider width, our “Extra Wide Shoes’ or “Wide Wide Shoes” are available in widths up to 14E. A 14 E width is also available in women’s styles in our line of shoes.

Shawn Paul Bradley, born March 22, 1972 in Landstuhl, West Germany (now Germany), is an American 7’ 6” former professional basketball player who played center for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. Bradley grew up in Castle Dale, Utah, in the United States and has dual citizenship. Bradley competed internationally for Germany; he and Dallas teammate Dirk Nowitzki were members of the German national basketball team that finished third (ahead of the USA) at the 2002 FIBA World Championship in Indianapolis.

Bradley was highly regarded as an NBA prospect after playing well for one season with Brigham Young University. In the 1993 NBA Draft, he was the second pick overall. During his first years with the Philadelphia 76ers, Bradley established himself as a decent pivot, sporting a nice touch around the basket (averaging 10-12 points per game) and intimidating shot-blocking abilities, denying an average 3.5 shots per game.

However, the rail-thin Bradley had a tough time against the physical centers and forwards of his generation and had a reputation for being inconsistent and not aggressive when it came to defense. He was also known for getting into foul trouble (at times, he averaged over 4 fouls per game at just under 30 minutes of playing time).

After a couple of solid years with the Dallas Mavericks, Bradley developed knee problems, which caused him to lose some of his athletic ability. His production steadily declined, and after the Mavericks acquired Erick Dampier in 2004, Bradley found himself on the bench most of the time. He announced his retirement from professional basketball in June 2005. He now coaches high school basketball in Lucas, Texas.

We have the best athletic, casual, and fashionable men’s and women’s walking styles in the Orthopedic/Therapeutic/Comfort line of shoes in the country. We have the lengths and the hard-to-find widths. And we’re proud of our designs and construction in the world of “Women’s Wide Shoes.” Anyone who requires an adequately fitted width must understand that the shoes must have an extension on the sole to properly contain their foot without the foot hanging over the shoe. What that means is that every width (in a higher percentage of our shoes) will be two times wider at the outsole of the shoe. For example, if you require a 6 E width, we’ll have an 8 E bottom for the base of that width. Therefore, no overhang of your feet and a perfect base to provide all the necessary support and balance.


A comfort shoe is not always an Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoe. And also, keep in mind that a comfort shoe often has very little midsection support. The lack of midsection support allows the feet to move forward and laterally at the same time. These combined movements will increase stress to your feet. Please view all our styles by going to our site


We, at DTF, have a deep concern for people with diabetes and their need for properly-fitted footwear. We can provide 15 different widths for Men and Ladies.  4 A (Slender for Ladies), 2 A (Narrow for Ladies), B (Narrow for Men and Medium for Ladies) D ( Medium for Men and Wide for Ladies) 2 E, 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E, 10 E, and 14 E in both men and women footwear. Dtfootwear can help those who have difficulty finding “oversizes” – up to 15 in length for Women and up to 20 in length for Men. We can provide footwear in “under sizes” – 4 to 6 in length for ladies in wider widths and 5 to 6 in Men-style in wider widths. In addition to being capable of providing these wide widths in fashionable styles of Therapeutic/Comfort footwear, we are offering a FREE GIFT to you! With every pair of shoes purchased, we will include up to (3) sets of Customized Heat Moldable Inserts that will provide even more support, added balance, and stability every time you wear your shoes.

We have a saying in our company … “try us, and you’ll have the experience of walking on a pillow, all day long, with more added support and more room and balance than you have ever had before with any of your shoes.” Guaranteed

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