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Extra Wide Men’s Shoes/dtfootwear.com

What is an extra wide shoes size?

For Men is consider 6 E to 9 E widths

For Ladies is consider 5 E and 7 E widths

Now, what is EXTRA EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS consider?

Men’s 10 E and 14 E widths.

Ladies and that also widths in 9 E  10 E and 14 E widths

Does you shoe line offer all these widths?

4 A (Slender widths for Ladies) 2 A (Narrow width for Ladies) B ( Narrow width for Men) B (Medium width for Ladies) 2 E , 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E (for Men and Ladies styling) , 10 E (for Men and Ladies styling) and 14 E widths (for ladies and Men’s styling)

Make sure your shoe line ,if they are offering 6 E 9 E 10 E or 14 E widths in men’s and women’s style, that they are using extended bottoms.

Does your shoe line offer up  to 15 in lengths for Ladies?

If you don’t see that style in a 15 (in length) there is a good chances we can make for you

Does your shoe line offer up to 20 in length for Men?

If you don’t find that 18 to 20 in a particular style there is a good chance that we can special order that size for you.

Gentlemen do you need a smaller size in length? We have the wider widths is these 5 to 6 lengths that you might need?

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