Exercises To Improve Your Foot Strength And Endurance. Once you build that strength – how to keep your feet strong and healthy!

Exercises To Improve Your Foot Strength And Endurance. Once you build that strength – how to keep your feet strong and healthy!

Many runners complain that tired feet prevent them from reaching the distances they set as their goal.

Did you know that there are exercises you can do to improve your foot and arch strength?

By incorporating some of these simple exercises into your regular fitness routine, you will start to notice your feet and arches getting stronger.

Toe Splaying

While seated, spread your toes out, away from each other. Be sure not to bend or curl your toes, simply spread them apart. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Tennis Ball Roll

While seated in a chair, place a tennis ball on the floor near your feet. Place your foot on top of the tennis ball and roll it around, increasing or decreasing pressure as needed to maintain comfort.

Roll each foot for two minutes once a day.

Achilles Stretch

Stand facing the wall, pressing both hands into the wall.

Press one leg out behind you while bending the knee in front.

Shift your weight to press both heels down into the floor so you feel the stretch up the back of your achilles tendon.

Hold stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times, then switch sides and do the same on the other side.

Marble Pickup

I picked up this stretch from Healthline.

Sit in a flat backed chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Place a small bowl with 20 marbles in front of you.

Pick the marbles out of the bowl using your toes, one at a time, until you have picked up all 20 marbles with one foot.

Then repeat on the other side.

Utilizing these exercises regularly should help you improve the strength in your arches & feet, which will in turn help improve your endurance during running and physical activities in which you use your feet.

Yours in Good Health,
Trina Kincey ~ Integrative Health Coach ~ Owner of Get Real Wellness, LLC

Now, what is need to keep these feet health and at full strength during a busy day?

  • A properly fitting pair of shoes
  • A shoe that will offer you the correct width and give you the needed wiggle room
  • The style that will not create any additional wear and tear to the foot and that is having a firm midsection and heel counter
  • Having  the correct inter support in the shoe and that is through our triple-layer heat-moldable customize inserts that will come with 1 to 3 of them Free- up to a $240.00 value to you
  • Extended bottoms for no foot hangover
  • Airflow heel system
  • Soft uppers or stretchable uppers to conform to upper of your foot
  • Needs to be Orthopedic, Therapeutic and Advance Comfort constructed lasted uppers
  • Widths to choose from like this: 4A 2A B D 2E  3E 4E 5E 6E 7E 9E 10E 14E for Men and Ladies
  • Proper length to choose from: up to a 20 in Men’s and 15 in Ladies
  • Small sizes are essential because if you can’t find the correct length or width, you can do significant damage to your foot if you fit yourself too long:  We have 5 yo 7 in length for men and have then in 4e and 6E as well. We have 4 to 6 in lengths for Ladies in all widths.

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