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Here is a reply to a hopefully a future customer that needed a 9 1/2 6e and had flat feet, need creating styles and we give him information and recommend styles that would fit his needs ( when I copy and paste the photos did not appear)
Hi Pandu,
I feel your gender is male and I’ll approach the styles as being a gentleman?   Your bunions and hammertoes will require a shoe with more toe depth, midsection depth and we have the styles. The 9 1/2 6E is very easy for us is that we go up to a 14E widths within a number of our styles: and up to a 20 in length.
Suggestions for Styles:
1) Walking shoe:
Extra Deep Athletic Footwear Styles Archives – Designer Therapeutic Store    the following styles I suggest: 7021  9702 !V  9702 L  9705
 in your case being flat footed – we will use the lower arch to offload that flattest. With falt feet require more adjustability to your shoes and depth and fullness in the toe section, counter (heel) and the midsection of the shoe.
The whole look of Men’s casual footwear:   Men’s Casual Fashionable Footwear, shoes Store Online | Dtfootwear
4) Now Sandals that I recommend:    Sandals found in the Men’s Casual section:    First there will be NO FREE inserts because the sandal style has no removable footbed (insert) and because of construction you can’t put an insert of this type of footwear. But, they have a great (I mean great) insole that will give you the needed support and balance to your plantar of the foot and the upper are adjustable and will fit you nicely. You need a 10 XXW in any of my suggestion, and that is MSV013L, M0049, MSR003L and MSV003L
5) Now if your not sure of your size and width you can measure your self at home ( will need someone to do the measuring) and view this video  The Proper Sizing Technique – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear
and fill out the form that is underneath the video and press send, and it will come directly to us, and this gives a SURE understanding of your size and width.or the correct length and width we need to fit you.
I hope this helps.
Thank you,
Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
It is important to me that we help as many people and not all purchase from us but at least I know we tried to support their needs
We care and always will care, and that is the mean concern we have with this website, and that is to “help the world.” Might sound corny but it is true!
Enough about us and let me tell you some of the few attributes that this website www.dtfootwear.com will offer you ( this is just a few).
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