Kelly Brook, a very successful model and here’s her story/


Kelly Brook, a very successful model, and here’s her story/

If you wear a large size in the footwear you are not alone.

Many well know female celebrities known to wear larger sizes in their footwear.

Here is one: Kelly Brook, who wears a size 9.

We can provide a 15 length in women’s footwear and a 20 length in men’s footwear.

If Kelly would require a wider width, we could provide up to a 14E in our line of “Women’s Wide Shoes.”

We can also provide that width in our men’s footwear.

Here are some interesting facts about this great lady.

Born Kelly Parsons on November 23, 1979, in Kent, Rochester, England.

Ms. Brooke is the daughter of Sandra, a cook, and Ken, a scaffolder.

It was clear from the start that Kelly would be much more.

Her talent traced back to when she attended the prestigious Italia Conte stage school, where Naomi Campbell and Louise Nurding studied.

After 3 years of training in dance, singing, and acting, Kelly was ready to start her career.

Kelly’s mum entered her in a beauty contest, which of course Kelly won, and led to her interest in modeling.

After some small modeling jobs at local firms, including the flooring company KMS.

Kelly was gracing the cover of GQ, FHM, Sky, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, The Face, and Company by the age of 16.

Her gorgeous physique also slipped into Lee jeans, as part of its advertising campaign.

She was known for playing the game show hostess ”Nicky with the Ticky” for a Sure deodorant TV ad.

She was finally making a larger salary, as compared to her waitressing job at a tea shop.

More modeling jobs came Kelly’s way, such as print campaigns for Renault Megane, Walkers, Piz Buin, and the Triumph Flaunt underwear and bra line.

The latter featured Kelly on a billboard in London said to be the largest billboard in the world

All the more to see Kelly.

Although Kelly was appearing in ads all over the UK, she hit the big time when she won the position of Big Breakfast presenter on Britain’s Channel 4.

It was Kelly’s dream come true since she was more interested in being a presenter than acting or singing.

Rumor has it that Kelly quit Big Breakfast after the tabloids published.

That the show was going to fire her for being ”too dumb.”

Well, she beat them to it by resigning.

After Big Breakfast, Kelly busy hosting MTV’s Select.

It was the perfect move for her, as she wanted to be involved with presenting hip music to young fans, because of her interest in dance.

Kelly was splitting her presenting duties and television appearance between Select, VLP, and Babewatch for Granada.

The T-Spot for Trouble TV.

She was also a co-host for No Worries, made appearances on Short Change and Fist of Fun, and hosted the Oasis Live at Wembley concert on Sky One.

Forget about TV, Kelly is seen on the big screen in 2000, in the film Sorted.

She also made a guest-appearance in Mojo and took her acting skills as a table dancer to the stage of the production, Eye Contact, at the Riverside Studios in London.

You may also recognize her from Pulp’s ”Help the Aged” music video.

We might see more of Kelly, she cast in the pilot for The (Mis)Adventures of Fiona Plum.

Kelly released her first official calendar in 2001, featuring all of Kelly, 12 months a year.

Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch star Jason Statham to see her 365 days a year, as they are engaged.

FHM’s 5th Sexiest Brit Girl for 2000 next to be seen in the upcoming film Ripper:

Letter from Hell, as Marisa.





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  1. I need a catalog.. My name is Jerri Allen
    502 Pennylane
    Hartselle Alabama 35640

    I’m trying to find stylish long length and wide width i Pray you can help me. I’ve been in search for years. I’m a large female. 6’3 and 281ibs

    1. just give me your length in inches and width as well and I can tell you what styles we can fit you in. Guarantee Just go to and go to size technique procedures and view the video and fill out the form and we can get started

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