Here is the breakdown of explaining each word found in our “Heat Moldable Customized Inserts:”

Heat: This means that they generate a 2 percent rise in the planter of your foot (bottom), and this, in turn, helps create better circulation to your feet, legs, knees, lower back, and beyond.

If you have edema or swelling, you need these 3 sets of inserts that you change every four months, so you have a year supply from us and again FREE.

Moldable: This means that our inserts will mold (100 percent) to every part of the plantar of your feet (bottom) and creates that perfect fit, support, balance, and comfort to your feet over a short period of wearing time.

Customize: means our inserts will fit you, in a short wearing period. As a simple molding procedure (that means each time you wear the insert, it will form to every bottom position of your foot) and will offload and create maximum support to all necessary areas.

Once we know we have the correct size and width, we can move forward. Adding these inserts will create the fullest support and like walking on a pillow all day long.

We care, and we want those feet of yours to be “Happy Feet” at all times and added effort always HELPS!

Let’s talk about our whole program that offers an unbelievable relief to your body.

Some more detail about our company at dtfootwear.com:

 We are one of the few footwear lines, on the Internet, that provides all widths, and that is 9E,10E, and 14E width for men and women. UNHEARD OF IN THE SHOE WORLD TODAY!

Now we have all these widths, but 80 percent of our business done in the regular widths and lengths because of all our unbelievable added features to create the perfect comfort.

We are therapeutic footwear that has all the comfort in the world but has some significant advantages over comfort or athletic footwear found on the internet.

Can you men, that need a 5 to 6 in length find any shoes on the internet?

Well, we have them for you.

Can you men find a 20 length that is a dress shoe or casual look on the internet?

Well, we got it for you.

We have free freight in the USA .

We have a way of creating Duty-Free in most cases, on international shipping..

The only footwear line, on the internet, that provides up to three sets of Customized Heat Moldable, Inserts for FREE!

Yes, on every one of your purchases of footwear. Up to a $240.00 VALUE!!

Do your ankles have significant discomfort because of swelling or a need brace? We got a shoe that will offload those problems

.Additional,  more reasons why we are such a fast-growing website.

Protection and support are what is needed in determining excellent footwear

But 80 percent,  of individuals that purchase shoes from us have not given us the correct length and width!.

Again, remember, when your bottom of your feet hurt – you need the proper support to offload this pain, and the only way is moldable inserts to create that needed support!!

Yes, again we give (FREE) 3 sets of heat moldable customized inserts on every one of your purchases of footwear.

But, without the correct length and width (we use inches as your measuring device and once we have it once – were being set for the rest of your styles that you’ll want).

ALL THESE INSERTS WILL NOT HELP-the inserts are needed to lay in the footwear flat.

2019 was an UNBELIEVABLE year, and I know the growth will be as much so in 2020.

The reason why we, at DTFOOTWEAR.COM, is so unique on the internet:

1) Free direction and advice before you ever purchase a pair of shoes – Email or call us.

2) Will have you text a photo of your foot conditions – if needed

3) The ONLY WEBSITE THAT WILL OFFER “Free” 3 Sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts

Now, the reason for the need of these inserts let’s show you the differences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rqtsw7tKvU

4) Free shipping in the USA

5) Most straightforward return policy on this earth

6) If out of stock ( if it is a stock shoe) we can order from our factories overseas and that is unheard of in the internet world

7) Unheard of a 9E, 10E, and 14E width, in men’s and women’s, in the fashion shoe world

8) Go to a 15 length for Women and a 20 length for Men.

9) 80 percent of our shoe line has a leather lining and usually only found in very high footwear. The reason why the leather lining is so essential.

1o) Special Order program that is not found with any other website dealing with footwear

11) Very few footwear websites offer 4A (Slender widths for Ladies) 2A ( Narrow width for ladies) B (Narrow widths for Men and a Medium width for Ladies)

Then,  D 2E 3E 4E 5E 6E 7E 9E 10E and 14E widths for Men and Ladies styling

All our new and old styles are therapeutic/comfort that has the best fit and support in the shoe world.

It’s nice being called the “King Of Widths,” again 4A to 14E widths, on the, and all found at www.dtfootweear.com.

Thank you,

 Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622

Been in the footwear business for over 50 years and been trained by the best in the Therapeutic/Orthopedic world.

DTFootwear.com Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.

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