Dtfootwear World Wide Orthopedic/Therapeutic Comfort Shoes (landing page)

Dtfootwear World Wide Orthopedic/Therapeutic Comfort Shoes and great deal more than just a comfort shoe line.


World wide  – we ship all over the world!

Have a great deal of our word customers asking for widths they can not find in their own country or lengths with width combination impossible to find.

Example, is a 18 year old boy, in Australia, needing a 18 in length and 14 E in width and we make it up for him.

Usually we can the items and inserts ship Duty Free.

We ship International Priority Mail and will reach you 6 to 10 days out.


What is so great of having a Orthopedic/Therapeutic design or constructed last?

Well, lets have a few videos to do the talking for us:

Well world can you find these widths and lengths under one roof?

Does your line of footwear offer 4 A (Slender widths for Ladies) 2 A (Narrow width for Ladies) B ( Narrow width for Men) B (Medium width for Ladies).

Then 2 E , 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E (for Men and Ladies styling) , 10 E (for Men and Ladies styling) and 14 E widths (for ladies and Men’s styling)

Women lengths from a  4 to 15 and Men’s from a  5 to 20 in lengths

With your purchase of a pair of shoes,  you’ll  receive 3 sets of Great Heat Moldable Customized Inserts and this a value of $240.00 FREE to you. Once you start wearing these inserts you’ll fall in love with them.  Why?

There is a number of other reasons why the world should take a look at us and you’ll find more reasons through our website dtfootwear.com or our videos (of 248):



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