Do You Like the Word FREE? Yes, FREE with no strings attached!

We offer a few FREE programs with our shoes!

1) The only website that offers up to three sets of Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts when you purchase a pair of shoes from us?

That is the only website in the world!


These inserts might be the only way you’re going to experience these items under your feet!

Once you start wearing it, you won’t stop!

Remember, when these three sets are a $240.00 gift to you or if it is one pair, it is $80.00 value. 

The one and three are to determine what brand you purchase from us.

2) We ship everywhere in the USA for FREE. Yes, to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Several shoe companies will not ship to these three states.

3) We ship all over the world, and most of the time, it is Duty-FREE

4) We give FREE Advice by email or by phone. I just had a lady today looking for a Fleeced Lined Boot in an XW, and we talk for half an hour.

She placed an order on a 13″ shafted boot and stated that I made her day, especially when I took my time explaining and helping her, and she noted no internet supplier dealing with footwear had ever done this for her!

5) this is not FREE, but we are the only line with three significant success elements found in our shoes.

We are Orthopedic/Therapeutic/Advance Comfort System uppers and lasted construction to every one of our shoes.

Usually, you find an Orthopedic footwear line they are only Orthopedic.

6) We’re Free and UNIQUE. 

We are the only website on the internet that will take a number of our styles and convert them into 7E 9E 10E 14E widths if needed!

NEED, Wiggle Room in your shoe?

More wiggle room that you have creates less wear and tear to the foot and creates a better circulation channel to the foot and legs. 

A good example is Dtfootwear Worldwide Orthopedic/Therapeutic Comfort Shoes.

How significant these Orthopedic triple-layer heat moldable customized inserts?

I want you to understand that with these great Orthotic or Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that you’ll receive 1 to 3 sets from us FREE!

These insert mold to your arch and give you all the needed protection, support, balance, and pain relief from your foot.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the ten reasons that make orthopedic/therapeutic footwear the better choice for the health of your foot:

In Conclusion

World’s strongest midsection

1) Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes have the strongest mid-support in the shoe business, preventing bilateral movement, and a midsection depth that gives you support.

Plus, the full room available in the footwear world.

2)They also have the most solid heel counter in the business, working to prevent the bi-lateral movement of your foot.

Fuller Toe Box

3) In an orthopedic/therapeutic shoe, you’ll also find a taller/fuller toe box creating more space and wiggle room for your toes.

4)  Extended bottoms give you the fullest width and support, more than any other shoe company out there.

Lightweight only 7 ounces, in many cases, and that is Men’s and Ladies’ styles.

5) they’re lightweight shoes causing less wear and tear on your feet, without skimping on support.

Mandatory removable footbeds

6) Removable Arch support, or customized inserts, create a more advanced support system for your foot.

The next time you buy a pair of shoes makes sure they have a removable footbed.

With a removable footbed, you’ll be able to use your custom-made inserts, which offer far more support and comfort than a standard factory footbed.

Approximately eighty-five percent of athletic shoes have zero support in the factory-made inserts. It’s beneficial to your foot to use an insert explicitly molded for your foot, but you can not stack a custom insert on top of a factory-made footbed.

Ensure the shoe’s footbed is removable before making a purchase. For more information about our triple-layered, heat molded, custom inserts, and how to get THREE pairs for FREE, visit

7) Women’s styles have a 3 to 1 combination for better fit and support for your heel.

8) A fuller forefront in the construction of the footwear creates a more comfortable, supportive fit.

9) The deeper heel counters promote better balance and support of the heel.

10) Leather lining creates more flexibility and breathability for the foot.

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Thank You,

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