Edema shoes don’t have to look ugly anymore, as therapeutic orthopedic footwear has been modernized and improved, offering a range of attractive and functional options for people with edema, including the popular 728-E shoe that fits comfortably and looks good.


No. Any type of shoe that handles edema but doesn’t have to look ugly. In the past, yes. Therapeutic orthopedic had labels, “Oh my god, it looks like a big boat running down the river”.

Well, we have got rid of that concept. You know, again, not all our shoes are the prettiest things in the world. But all our shoes are functional. But we do have some great athletic shoes, great boots, great casuals, great everything sandals and so on, that are very good in the orthopedic therapeutic world. And that’s the supreme top. That’s the top. That’s the footwear that is the supreme. And we’ve just modernized it and put it in the world that makes us… well we’re growing, we’re growing and growing and growing and growing. And shipping all over the world. And having a ball. You know because we have widths and everything and we’ve got the we’ll get into special orders this, everything.

But no, we don’t have to look ugly. If you have, if you have edema. We’ve got a shoe, 728-E, is considered one of the best shoes in the world. And that shoe fits like a million dollars. And I’ve got guys and women that are feet or four times larger and fit them in there. And they go, “Whoa this is not bad looking shoe at all”, and they fall in love with it and we’ve been able to do other colors and everything’s from that point.

So, answer your question. No, edema shoes do not, or swelling is a edema, does not have to look ugly.

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