Diabetic Shoes for Women

Are your diabetic shoes have all these features?

If not, it time to change!

  1. Orthopedic lasted
  2. Therapeutic constructed
  3. Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based
  4. Style, with the fullest in widths for that maximum comfort and support, e.g. of widths B D 2E 3E 5E 6E 7E 9E 10E 14E
  5. Dealing with the regular price footwear, you’ll get one to three sets of these UNBLEVIABLE Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customized Inserts for FREE. An $80.00 to $240.00 gift to you! (More information about these inserts below). Note Inserts are mandatory for a diabetic person!

That has that best support found in the shoe world!

Unheard of a Diabetic Shoe that has these widths for Women:

9E 10E 14E

Diabetic world:

Let the video tell you the story,

Do your diabetic shoe has no bilateral movement to your feet? Where there is no added wear and tear to your feet.

This video will explain or show the differences between conventional flat or athletic footwear to an Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted constructed upper:


If you have diabetes, do you have to have special shoes?

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Few styles of our Women’s Diabetic Designer Footwear:



A number of these styles are LambSkin uppers, which makes them one of the world’s softest uppers!

Now, all these styles come in our famous widths and are found in our 30 to 40 discount club for a short period.

Where to find them:


So, significant savings on a diabetic pair of shoes for all our ladies out there.

Note that being these are in the 30-40 club (because it is a new line for us ), we want to get a push for this line.

That there will be no inserts given away FREE, but you can purchase regular price shoes, from us, there will be 1 to 3 sets of these UNBELIEVABLE Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Inserts given to you.

An $80.00 to 240.00 value FREE to you!

In Conclusion,

Let talk about these Triple-layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts.

Let me break down each word ( Heat Moldable Customized Insert) for a better understanding:

Heat: This means that they generate a 2 percent rise in your foot (bottom), which helps create better circulation to your feet. legs, knees, lower back, and beyond 

Moldable: this means that our inserts will moldable ( 100 percent) to every part of the plantar of your feet ( bottom) and creates that perfect fit, support, balance, and comfort for your feet in a concise period of wearing time 

Customized: this means our inserts will fit you, in a short period, as a conforming (that means suited for your foot), and will offload all the critical support areas. 

Why these Inserts are so Important for a few of these reasons:

Bone spur offload with proper Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts 

Hallux rigidus: This can be offload by having proper fitting footwear and those great Triple – Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts

Keeping diabetes and swelling out of your feet by raising the temperature of your foot by 2 percent

Then, adding protection between your foot and the ground, like walking on a pillow all day long but a pillow with significant support.

What a GREAT combination between the Shoes and these Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts

We know that a combination of high-quality footwear and top of the line, triple-layer, heat molded custom inserts is the WINNING COMBINATION! 

Removable arch support, or customized insert, create a more advanced support system for your foot. 

The next time you buy a pair of shoes makes sure they have a removable footbed. 

Now, with a removable footbed, you’ll be able to use your custom-made inserts, which offer far more support and comfort than a standard factory footbed. 

Approximately eighty-five percent of athletic shoes have zero support in the factory-made inserts. 

In addition, It’s beneficial to your foot to use an insert explicitly molded for your foot, but you cannot stack a custom insert on top of a factory-made footbed. 

Ensure the shoe’s footbed is removable before making a purchase

Not only does DTF stand alone in the industry with our attentive customer service, superiorly built products, and out-matched selection of designs and styles, we take it a step further with our custom, heat-molded inserts.

 The shoe alone isn’t capable of providing the optimal level of support for your foot. 

A higher-level combination of quality footwear paired with a custom insert takes your level of comfort to an unimaginable place. 

Proudly, we stand alone in our industry by offering up to three FREE pair of custom, heat-molded inserts with every pair of shoes purchased. That’s a $240 value- a thank you gift from us. 

Thank you, 

 Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com 

Bringing you over 50 years of industry experience- trained by the best in the business. 

  DTFootwear.com Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co. 

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