Diabetic Shoes for Men

Men are your diabetic shoes have all these features?

If not, it time to change!

  1. Orthopedic lasted
  2. Therapeutic constructed
  3. Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based
  4. Style, with the fullest in widths for that maximum comfort and support, e.g. of widths B D 2E 3E 5E 6E 7E 9E 10E 14E

To obtain the fullest comfort of the diabetic world in the shoe world!

That has that best support found in the shoe world!

Unheard of a Diabetic Shoe that has these widths for Men:

9E 10E 14E

Diabetic world:

Let the video tell you the story,

Do your diabetic shoe has no bilateral movement to your feet? Where there is no added wear and tear to your feet.

This video will explain or show the differences between conventional casual, athletic, dress footwear to an Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted constructed upper:

If you have diabetes, do you have to have special shoes?

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Few styles of our Men’s Diabetic Designer Footwear:

Most of these styles are in our NEW LAMBSKIN UPPER.
The softness upper in the shoe business

In Conclusion,

Two conditions that are shoes will help to prevent:


 Although diabetes is a chronic condition, it doesn’t have to slow you down and keep you from enjoying life.

 Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been managing your condition for years, you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle by following simple guidelines for foot care and proper footwear. 


 One of the common complications of diabetes is neuropathy or loss of feeling in the feet or legs. 

This condition happens when high blood sugar damages the blood vessels that lead to your nerves, affecting their ability to feel the sensation. 

You have neuropathy, you may not be aware of friction from poorly fitting shoes that can cause blisters or small injuries to the toes or foot. 

A pebble is in your shoe, as an example, you may not feel subsequent irritation, allowing it to develop into a blister or sore.

 If left untreated, these minor problems can turn into more serious diabetic foot ulcers. If infected, they can lead to amputations of the toes, foot, or leg. 

You find out that you or someone you know has diabetes.

Then here are some things you need to know about diabetic footwear and its importance.

Diabetic therapeutic footwear can help deal with such foot symptoms:

Peripheral neuropathy, ulcerations, wounds and bruises, poor circulation, and tingling or numbness in the feet. 

This list is just a few of the things a person with diabetes might encounter.

We will talk about more symptoms in this video.

 Diabetic shoes offer the support needed to deal with many of these problems.

Make sure your diabetic sho=oes have no inner seams and removable footbed.

 Our shoes include our heat moldable customized inserts.

Which are essential in helping a person with diabetes?

The reason why mandatory,

 You can find out more in this video and then by going to our website at www.dtfootwear.com.

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