What causes a major amount of numbness to the bottom of your feet?

Diabetic neuropathy is the nerve endings in the bottom of your feet being destroyed by diabetes. Symptoms include numbness, lack of feeling, pain, tingling, like you’re walking out sharp glass.
Dt Footwear has worked with a ton of diabetics over the years and have found with this insert, the temperature of the foot increases 2% to help keep the disease, diabetes, out of the foot.
Shoes and inserts with not cure neuropathy
What wearing the right footwear does is that it keeps the disease out of the foot, so it doesn’t go down and have a picnic eating at the nerve endings in your feet. And it will eat the nerve endings until you basically lost complete feeling of your feet.
That’s very important if you’re a diabetic. Also, you need seamless shoes, we provide that most are good many orthopedic therapeutic footwear does provide that. We provide the widths and everything. But it’s so important that you have this insert. And we’re the only one in the country that will provide you up to three pair of these or a whole year supply when you purchase a pair of shoes from us.
If you have questions about what shoe is right for diabetic neuropathy, give Ron Heinlein a call directly using the number on the Contact Us page. He’d love to help and with talk to you how you can help prevent this disease from spreading.

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