All my boasting about how great and how different we are than standard footwear that you find on the internet today. It’s time to back it up! Yes, these are Designer Therapeutic/Orthopedic footwear for Men and Ladies

Footwear for Men and Ladies. Why is one of the fastest-growing sites!  On the internet, when dealing with footwear in the Designer Therapeutic/Orthoepic Footwear for Men.

“D” means Designer and Diabetic

“T” means Therapeutic/ Orthopedic

“F” means Footwear

Why are we growing so fast?

1)      No other internet footwear offers up to 3 sets of “FREE” TRIPLE-LAYER HEAT MODLABLE CUSTOMIZE INSERTS and lets this video tells you why these inserts are out of this world:


If you have diabetes or have edema, do these inserts help?

2)      The meaning when we say “ that a therapeutic/orthopedic reduces wear and tear are dealing with your feet.” How, all our shoes are Therapeutic/Orthopedic constructed, and these shoes create the maximum form of comfort, support, edema control, bunion, hammertoe offloading, diabetic friendly.


3)      We have 9 E, 10 E, and 14 E widths for our Gentlemen, and this is almost unheard in the shoe world.

We can make several styles with our Special order program, and this is unheard of in the internet world dealing with footwear. Examples of a few of these styles that can convert to 9 E 10 E  or 14 E widths:

502, 801, 802, 9702, 9708, 9705, 9713, AM5605, 9704 and more styles

Special Orders – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear

4)      No other footwear line will offer 4 A (Slender for Ladies) Slender (4A) Width for Women Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear  2A (Narrow Width for Ladies) Narrow 2A Width Shoes, Footwear for Women | Dtfootwear B (Narrow width for Men) Narrow B Widths Shoes for Men’s | Dtfootwear B ( Medium width for Ladies). Now, D- 2E-3E -4E-5E-6E-7E-8E-9E width 10E  widthExtra Extra Wide Width Style Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (note three styles in stock and many more styles to convert to 10E width) and 14E width (note a number of our styles can conc=verte to a 14E width) These last two clicks found from our Extra Extra Wide Widths for Men

5)      We are one of the only footwear lines that will offer an extended bottom, and I’ll let this video explain to you what we mean:

6)      A measuring system that will guarantee a 95 percent fitting success and No other footwear line, on the internet, can make this statement:

The Proper Sizing Technique

7)      If you have Edema, Swelling with have the shoe for you and especially if you have bunion or hammertoe problems:  (note view the video on this page and see why we are so proud of this style)

Lets add 27 more reasons

Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, just to read these 28 reasons and help you understand we are going to be at the top one day!

1) Do your shoes fit perfectly and give you that all-day comfort? Do you have a slender a or narrow foot, and your heel is too wide for your feet?
2) Do you have a wider foot and don’t have enough room in the toe box or the shoe?
3) Do you stand on your feet all day long, and when you get home, your feet are tired or hurting?
4) You’re a runner, and after every run, your knees, legs, ankle are sore or hurting?
5) When you wear your shoes, do you feel over the day that you have been receiving additional wear and tear to your feet?
6) Does your line of footwear offer 4A 2A B D 2E 3E 4E 5E 6E 7E 9E 19E and 14E in widths?
7) Does your current shoe line offer 4 to 17 in length for you, Ladies?
8) Does your current line offer 1 to 3 sets of FREE HEAT MOLDABLE CUSTOMIZED INSERTS on every purchase of a pair of shoes? Does your line of footwear offer split resistance bottoms with a pair of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts FREE for you, and they have style?
9) Does your current shoe line offer Reinforce toe boxes and with widths and with a pair of FREE Heat Moldable Customized inserts that come FREE?
10) Is your current shoe line a Therapeutic/Orthoptic shoe line?
11) Does your shoe line offer an “Airflow system” for your heel and then again one of those unbelievable customized heat moldable customized insets for FREE?
12) Does your current shoe line have the strongest midsection and heel counter found in the shoe business?
13) Does your shoe line offer 3 to 1 combination last (dealing with the heel) that creates a better fit or none slipping in the heel?
14) Does your shoe line offer FREE shipping anywhere in the USA – YES THAT INCLUDES HI AND ALASKA?
15) Does your shoe line SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AND OFFER FREE DUTY to all international individuals?
16) Does your shoe line offer SPECIAL ORDER and means making styles for you through one of our two factories overseas?
17) Can your shoe line backorder a style if they are out of stock and no additional cost to you? Can your shoe line make ATHLETIC footwear in widths of 9E 10E and 14E widths?
18) Does your shoe line have 198 videos that are educational and to help you understand or learn problems dealing with your feet and product knowledge of why we are so unique?
19) Does your current shoe line offer “Weather Footwear” for men and women in widths, and if the styles offer a removable footbed – then a pair of Heat Moldable Inserts will be coming along with your purchase for “FREE”?
20) Does your current shoe line offer 867 SKU’s?
21) Does your current shoe line offer VERY EASY RETURN POLICY?
22) Your ankles, back, knees, legs, hurt all the time.? We can help!
23) Are you just tired of the top of your feet hurting all the time, or your current shoes are not giving you the proper fit? We can help!
24) Are you tired of the plantar (bottom) of your feet always tired from your current footwear? We can help!
25) Does your current shoe line offer 5 to 20 in lengths in Men’s styles?
26) Does your current shoe line offer you a modification program and only charge you $95.00 for a custom insert?
27) Does your current shoe line offer a program that will add a lift, rocker bottom, extended widths, toe fillers, split sizes, and all for just $95.00?

Thank you,




Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 |

I have been in the footwear business for over 50 years and been trained by the best in the Therapeutic/Orthopedic world. Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.





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