Luther Vandross Death: Based on Diabetes?


Luther Vandross Death: Based on Diabetes?

I just read an article about Luther Vandross and I was never aware of his history of weight and diabetic problems.

His voice came from Heaven and Nobody had a voice that created so much passion and feeling as he did for so many years.

It was unfortunate that this man’s life was cut short at the age of 54.

Here are some clips from this interesting article:

The author stated that Luther’s death was due to his lack of properly controlling his diabetes; another problem he had was controlling his weight that went up and down over a 14-year span.

If his career held steady, Vandross health did not.

By Luther’s own admission, he was a carb addict who lost and gained more than 100 pounds 14 times – often in the very public eye.

As recently as 1998, the six-foot-three singer weighed in at 340 pounds.

He suffered a stroke, and the question remains if his eating habits combined with his family history of diabetes were the main reasons for his death? It’s a theory, but it does seem to add up.

The author’s closing statement is “Please folks (especially those of you who are diabetic and/or overweight), take heed of the lessons to learn from Luther’s early death and start managing your sugar better now!

That includes exercising, eating well, checking your insulin when necessary, and taking your medication.”

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