Neil Young and his fight with Diabetes


Neil Young and his fight with Diabetes

I know Neil Young as a great singer and was surprised to hear that he been a diabetic since he was 6 years old.

In March 1995, he underwent brain surgery after being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.

Neil is the father of two sons who both suffer from cerebral palsy and one daughter with diabetes.

One major point to take from this information is that diabetes is heredity.

If you have the disease in your family, please check every three months to see if you have inherited this illness.

There is no age limit – young or old – for being diagnosed as a diabetic.

There are additional means available to help in controlling your disease when it comes to caring for your feet.

The proper footwear is the most important control factor and, please, no comfort shoes, but rather a shoe that is Orthopedic/ Therapeutic footwear with an added feature of comfort.

Type “Shoes Diabetic” and/or “Shoes for Diabetic” into your browser and learn what they are all about.

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