Just asked, ‘Why are you so caring and concern about are well being with our fit and comfort in  dealing with our footwear?”

Let me explain my footwear history. I’ve been in the shoe business for the past 50 years and the number of those years been dealing with a fashion women’s line as a designer. I use this story in my presentations, to the major Medical clinic from coast to coast, in telling them how I destroy some ladies feet because of our Brazilian last we used.  We made only ladies footwear, Thank God, and made a cheaper last, that was Brazilian last – where the factories located – in those days. The line was a major success in the USA that causes all the problems in fit. Brazilian last are shorter last and this cause misfit with ladies in the USA. Then with the higher heels and the shorter last, this combination caused a lot of bunions and hammertoes dealing with ladies feet. So in my Medical meetings, I tell all my Podiastries that they should hug me because I brought them a great deal of business.

So I got tired of the high-stress fashion world of footwear and started my desire and studies in the therapeutic/orthotic world of footwear for women and men’s.

I want to help all those women, that I help develop foot problems – let me clarify this and that I design the footwear but not in charge of construction – but I still felt quality. So the past 20 years I have been in involved in the therapeutic/orthotic world of footwear and have been educated and trained by one of the best orthotist and prosthetist in the USA and learn, from them, an unbelievable amount of knowledge.

15 years ago, I started DTF Medical Co, and we are dealing with diabetics and billing of Medicare and seen over 500,000 individuals in the last 12 years. 95 percent has loved our products and our service. I have seen: happiness, crying of happiness, I’ve been told “You’re a Hero,” and major HUGS. I want to pass this success to our website at, and I’ll be retiring from my medical company within two years, and I want to put all my time and effort into my website.

Yes, I’m concern about your well being in you getting a perfect fit and support and comfort with our footwear that we offer at Why I gave 1 to 3 sets of inserts ( provided with styles that we offer that have removable footwear – insole or inserts), and this video will tell you more about the reasons, and you can see my enthusiasm and knowledge of this topic.

Here’s another video to explain why I’m such a major belief in these unbelievable Heat Moldable Customized Inserts:

Why do we give 1 to 3 sets of inserts to you all for “FREE”? I’ll let the video explain the reason for this FREE procedure, and again you get to understand me more and see my enthusiasm and understanding of this product

We wanted to develop a different approach in dealing widths and extension of our bottoms – dealing with 9E 10E 14E widths for men and women styling.

So my concern is real, and I want to help the world to obtain that perfect fit/support/comfort and have “Healthy Happy Feet!”.

A few more video of stories that mean the world to me about working with loved ones and friends – that started as customers and how to become great friends to me and my family.


Here’s some additional information about our great footwear and our great Heat Moldable Customized Inserts.

We carry sizes from 4A to 14E widths for Men and Women. Try to find all those sizes under one website! Yes, we do provide 9E 10E and 14E widths for Men and Women. Yes, we carry 4A (slender 8 styles) and 2A (narrow 42 styles) for Ladies and B (Narrow 8 styles) for Men as well. So to repeat this (this is how vital these widths are to our site) that is available: Slender’s, Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide Widths ( 7E 9E 10E 14E) for Ladies. Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide (9E 10E 14E)Widths for Men.

We have styles in Men’s 5 to 6 ( in length), and those are hard sizes to find.

We have extended bottoms for the protection of your plantar (bottom) of your feet, and there is no more hang-over, of your feet, dealing with our footwear.

We carry lengths up to a 20 for Men and 15 in Women’s.

Most of our styles are perfect for diabetics as well, but you don’t have to be a diabetic to fall in love with our footwear and inserts. 80 percent of our customers are individuals that need that added support (because their current shoe is lacking support and comfort and is very disappointing to them). They need the feeling of maximum support/comfort and the additional feeling of “walking on a pillow” all day long ( this pillow concept is from dealing with our unbelievable insert program) with their new footwear.

Again, receive 1 to 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts (value up to $240) all for FREE – YES FREE!! Once you start wearing these inserts, you never go back to the conventional form of support. Most shoes and that is athletic, or comfort footwear provides poor supporting inserts.



Thank you,

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Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.

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