Plantar fasciitis can cause a lot of pain in the bottom of the foot and can have different variations, including tears, separations, and bruises. The use of inserts in shoes can help prevent plantar fasciitis, as they protect the bottom of the foot and can speed up the healing process. This can be particularly helpful for athletes, such as tennis and pickleball players, who are at higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis.


Plantar, plantar fasciitis can be in different phases. It’s the bottom of your foot. The number one ligament there, it’s one of the biggest ones in your foot. And in your body theoretically, can be torn, it can be separated, it can be bruised, it can have different variations that cause a lot of pain.

Well, we help prevent plantar fasciitis with our inserts and going back to our inserts again. And that’s the most important element to it. Our inserts help protect the bottom of the feet. And I’ve had and again, my brother, who is a very high in the pickleball world in play. And he had plantar fasciitis and started wearing our shoes and our inserts and the things gone and never had had a comeback.

We had sponsored the number one (senior) player in the world, and he had black toes and not plantar fasciitis but black toes and that insert helped prevent those black toes. Never had black toes as long as he was with us. I don’t know where he… we went on separate ways not too long ago.

But anyway, the thing is that this plantar fasciitis normally takes strain off your feet, stretching procedures and I’m not going to get into that – different roll rolling. I’m not going to get into that anything. Just Google that plantar fasciitis how to treat it. It usually is time and effort.

Well, we hopefully speed that time and effort and we don’t and we want to be a preventive concept that we don’t get it for you in the future. So they’re serious ones are some that take surgery, most of them can heal over time. And it’s a stress point that you created, pull that you created and so on from that point, but our shoes definitely help not adding any more width or bilateral movement to you. And it’s very important. And the plantar fasciitis has been a big thing, especially in the athletic world and the tennis and pickleball. We found a lot of them have got that and we found that this is been a great great help for future as well. And a preventive concept.

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