Calling all DPM office’s coast to coast! Are you a new DPM office or you lost a few patients and would like to start seeing new patients heading to your office?

WE CAN HELP ALL YOUR DPM OFFICES – ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE NOT CARRYING DIABETIC FOOTWEAR IN YOUR OFFICE,  Read the article and you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer you!

Are you a new a New DPM office or you lost a few patients and would like to start seeing new patients heading to your office?


We at www.dtffootwear can help!

  • Starting a new diabetic footwear program in your office
  • We hear, from DPM offices – that they have not yet started their shoe program – because that they are afraid of footwear and their knowledge of proper footwear for their patients is minimal.
  • We do all the work when handling the footwear.
  • We train your specialist to be a great fitter, and they’ll understand and learn all the secrets that will make him or her so professional.
  • Your office will do all the billing, but we’ll help you in developing the proper forms to make Medicare happy, and if an audit occurs, you be correct in all facets.
  • New specialist comes in we will do the training to them as well.
  • Will show you a letter that will obtain the signature from their primary doctor. Remember we have been billing Medicare for the last 18 years with our Medical Divison and been quite successful in our the whole procedure You fax the letter and the unsigned prescription ( that we’ll provide a sample) for the primary doctor.
  • FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR OFFICE and that is one pair to whatever
  • You’ll have exclusivity in your city. We are only handling one office per town or zip code – that is a guarantee form myself!
  • Now, how to obtain those future patients in the following ways:


1) Do not bill for the 20 percent and will explain this in more detail if you have interest in this program

2) We’ll help you in the local social media advertising to help promote the new show program in your office: Yelp, Local Google director, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

3) We’ll train your specialist to state – at the last fitting of the patient- that they need to tell their friends and loved ones about your excellent footwear program and an unbelievable cost to their loved ones or friends.

4) No office will have a bigger selection of footwear in your city dealing with diabetic footwear.

5) The specialist will let the patient ( using this as an advertising concept) know we carry 9E 10E and 14E widths that I can almost guarantee no DPM office will offer this in your city.

6) You obtain the prescription, not the patient, this way you build a better referral with unknown primary doctors in your area and this, in turn, will have them start sending patients to your office. That’s once they hear great things about your program from their patients.

7) When there is a problem, you let us know, and we’ll handle that problem on the spot. We ’ll teach your specialist ( this teaching comes up when new occurrences happen- so we could be training for a period) ways to correct needed problems, and we see them all in the last 18 years.

8) In oversizes, extended widths as 9E 10E 14E, Charcot you won’t make as much money, but you will stand out from any DPM office in your STATE! In turn, this creates your superiority in this footwear realm. All person with diabetes has a family member or friends that have diabetes and have oversized feet or diabetic and have Charcot conditions and having diabetes.

9) If they want to use cash/ credit card – then order the shoes ( that your receiving in many cases below cost – because of our major purchasing power between our Medical co and our website). Now, a suggestion offering a discount price (e.g.) is 5 to 10 percent off on cash or credit card charges– being they see the retail price and this new pricing can create a loyal new patient.

11) You have my promise that I’ll handle your office personally because this is my job when I retire from the Medical Co ( as the CEO and founder next year) and this DPM program is my BABY!

12) Having a measuring system that works great and is dealing with a soft tape measure ( that we’ll be teaching your specialist how to accomplish this as a pro) and measuring the length, ball width, girth of the foot, and ankle dimensions. The last two will be used only when there is significant edema involved but take a few seconds, and this makes you look so professional, and the patient can be impressed -especially when no other doctor is using this system in your city.

13)  Another great marketing tool that most patient never see form any fitting operations and that is taking a text photo of the foot  ( without socks) and text it to me and let me call back with suggestions. Text to 909 215 1622. The specialist states that she or he are texting the photo to our technical team that can help make sure the correct style will work for the patient’s needs, etc.    WOW!

14) There are a few more ways to obtain this new patient but I need to know if you interested, and we can elaborate at that time

Let’s talk about some of the great features of our Therapeutic/Orthotic footwear found at

Remember, therapeutic/orthotic shoe, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Let me mention a few reasons why we are growing so fast in the internet world and how we are helping those millions of people out there that need offloading or create less wear and tear to their feet.

We at will offer up to 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts to you when you purchase a pair of shoes from us (FREE), and this is up to a $240.00 gift to you from us. Remember, if the bottom of your feet hurt – you lacking the in proper support in the foundation of your footwear. Then these Heat Moldable Customized Inserts are mandatory that you start using them.

Let’s break down each word ( Heat Moldable Customized Insert) for a better understanding:

Heat: means that they generate a 2 percent rise in the planter of your foot (bottom) and this in turns helps create better circulation to your feet, legs, knees, lower back and beyond. If you have edema or swelling you need these 3 sets of inserts that you change every four months, so you have a year supply from us and again FREE.

Moldable:   means that our inserts will mold (100 percent) to every part of the plantar of your feet (bottom) and creates that perfect fit, support, balance, and comfort to your feet over a short period of wearing time.

Customized: means our inserts will fit you, in a short wearing period. As a simple molding procedure (that means each time you wear the insert it will form to every bottom position of your foot) and will offload and create maximum support to all necessary areas.

We carry sizes from 4A to 14E widths for Men and Women. Try to find all those sizes under one website- unheard of! But Yes, we do provide 9E 10E and 14E widths for Men and Women. Yes, we carry 4A (Slender eight styles) and 2A (Narrow 42 styles) for Ladies and B (Narrow 5 styles) for Men as well. So to repeat this (this is how vital these widths are to our site) that is available: Slender’s, Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide Widths (7E 9E 10E 14E) for Ladies. Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide (9E 10E 14E)Widths for Men.

We have styles in Men’s 5 to 6 (in length), and those are hard to find sizes.

We have extended bottoms for the protection of your plantar (bottom) of your feet, and there is no more hang-over, of your feet, dealing with our footwear.

We carry lengths up to a 20 for Men and 15 in Women’s.

Most of our styles are perfect for diabetics as well, but you don’t have to be a diabetic to fall in love with our footwear and inserts. 80 percent of our customers are individuals that need that added support (because their current shoe is lacking support and comfort and is very disappointing to them). They need the feeling of maximum support/comfort and the additional sense of “walking on a pillow” all day long (this pillow concept is from dealing with our unbelievable insert program) with their new footwear.

Again, receive 1 to 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts (value up to $240) all for FREE – YES FREE!! Once you start wearing these inserts, you never go back to the conventional form of support. Most shoes and that is athletic, or comfort footwear provides poor supporting foot supplements or inserts.

We teach you how to measure your feet correctly and how our feet change, over the years, is astonishing – you don’t alone! Please if you are wearing an inside brace, let us know. If your shoes been too uncomfortable or tight over the past few months or years – you need to update your size and width information and this “inch program” is very easy to do at home. I wish you could be in our shoes and witness how many (especially Man) that been misfitting themselves over a significant period.  YOU NEEED WIGGLE ROOM IN YOUR SHOES!

Still, more advantages that have helped us grow but I don’t want to put you to sleep!


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