We, at DTF, have a deep concern for people with diabetes and their need for properly-fitted footwear. A major concern for those individuals that need those very hard width and lengths to find.

We can provide 15 different widths for Men and Ladies.  4 A (Slender for Ladies), 2 A (Narrow for Ladies), B (Narrow for Men and Medium for Ladies) D ( Medium for Men and Wide for Ladies) 2 E, 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E, 10 E, and 14 E in both men and women footwear. Dtfootwear can help those who have difficulty finding “oversizes” – up to 15 in length for Women and up to 20 in length for Men.

We can provide footwear in “under sizes”4 to 6 in length for ladies in wider widths and 5 to 6 in Men-style in wider widths. In addition to being capable of providing these wide widths in fashionable styles of Therapeutic/Comfort footwear, we are offering a FREE GIFT to you! With every pair of shoes purchased, we will include up to (3) sets of Customize Heat Moldable Inserts that will provide even more support, added balance, and stability every time you wear your shoes.

We are one of the few footwear lines, on the Internet, that contains all widths, and that is 9 E,10 E, and 14 E width for men and women. UNHEARD OF IN THE SHOE WORLD TODAY!

We got  9 E widths for Men and Ladies – We got those 10 E widths for Men and Ladies

– Having those 14 E widths for Men and ladies

– we have those hot designer orthopedic/therapeutic footwear for men

– we have created warm orthopedic/ therapeutic footwear for women

– have therapeutic/orthopedic construction in all our footwear for men and women

– therapeutic/orthopedic footwear for men and women

bunion and hammertoes footwear for men and women

extra – extra wide widths for all you men and women out there

– designer diabetic footwear that has all those widths- therapeutic footwear for hurting feet

– edema footwear for men and women – footwear for ladies

Thank you,


Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 |

Bringing you over 50 years of industry experience- trained by the best in the business. Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.


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