At-Home Steps To Prevent Tired, Achy Feet. Now, once we get your feet in that perfect condition will wide width shoes like a 9E width for men or ladies help?

At-Home Steps To Prevent Tired, Achy Feet. Now, once we get your feet in that perfect condition will wide width shoes like a 9E width for men or ladies help?

Ron Heinlein

Ron Heinlein

At-Home Steps To Prevent Tired, Achy Feet

Foot fatigue can be contributed to a number of factors from your age to the amount of time you spend on your feet. Tired, achy, swollen feet can be a signal that you need to change footwear and pay more attention to your foot health. Since our feet are supporting all the weight of your body as you move around during your daily activities, it’s important to give them basic care so you can stay out of pain and discomfort.

Keep in mind, aside from a known injury, general foot fatigue can also be caused by other foot conditions such as flat feet or other biomechanical functions of your foot.

What are the symptoms of foot fatigue?

  • Swelling
  • Achiness
  • Cramping
  • Pain

These symptoms can be experienced in the entire foot or in a localized position such as the ball of the foot, arch or heel.

What can I do to prevent foot fatigue?

The most common form of the prevention of foot fatigue is to wear comfortable shoes with proper support. This is even more important if you are going to be standing or walking for long periods of time.

Besides finding the perfect shoe, you can supplement your favorite shoes with inserts or orthotics that give adequate support and cushioning. A great example is those up to 3 sets of FREE Heat Moldable Customized Inserts that come from every purchase of footwear from

Take these seven steps to help treat and avoid foot fatigue

  • Moisturize well – Dry winter air and cold temperatures can take a toll on the skin. Moisturize feet daily to help avoid dry, cracked and irritated skin.
  • Exercise your feet – Stretching is a good way to avoid muscle cramps. Stave off toe cramps by raising, pointing and curling your toes for five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Rotating your ankles can also help relax feet. Cup your heel and turn each ankle slowly five times to loosen ankle joints.
  • Foot massage/soak – Foot rubs not only feel good but they also a great way to release tension, boost circulation and refresh skin after a long day on your feet. Take a few minutes to massage your feet at the end of your work or an active day shopping. Once in awhile a soothing foot soak is therapeutic as well. After you dry your feet off after bathing, use lotion to help moisturize and soften your foot skin, but not between your toes to ward off bacterial growth.
  • Properly pedicure for health and beauty – Picture-perfect toes are part of a great holiday wardrobe for many women. Whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, be sure your pedicure is done properly. Never use a razor to remove dead skin – opt for a good pumice stone instead. Don’t cut cuticles; push them back gently with a rubber tool made for this purpose. Use toenail clippers with a straight edge to cut nails straight across.
  • Put your feet up – Feet and ankles can swell from sitting too long in one position (taking a long flight to visit loved ones) or if you’ve been on your feet all day (shopping, or out socializing.) Elevate your legs to reduce swelling. Lay or sit and lift your legs above your heart.
  • Wear “healthy” shoes – Medium to high heels definitely make fashion sense but if you wear them all the time, your feet will most likely suffer in the long term. For comfort, try ditching the heels for activities such as shopping, traveling or cooking, and especially when you are on your feet for long periods. When you know you’ll be on your feet all day, wear comfortable shoes with good arch support and a padded sole.
  • Don’t ignore pain, get help! – Feet shouldn’t hurt all the time. Persistent foot pain can be an indication of injury, irritation or illness. See a podiatrist if you experience pain; don’t wait until the holidays end.

More ways prevent standing-related foot stress

You can reduce the risks associated with prolonged standing – especially those suffering from chronically tired feet and stiff leg muscles. Below are simple actions you can take to get you through your day while avoiding…or at least reducing health hazards.

  • Alternate standing with sitting: Find the time to sit if you are standing for long periods of time.
  • If you’re pregnant, try to put your feet up at work and rest with your feet higher than your head.
  • Change positions frequently: Try walking around, stretching and standing in different positions to move your weight around.
  • Utilize  insoles or inserts: Insoles help to improve posture, relieve joint stress, support ligaments, treat overpronation, increase comfort while walking and can help to reduce other foot conditions such as heel (plantar fasciitis.)
  • Lower your shoe heel and spare your toes: Keep the high heels and pointy toes for parties and special events. Lack of space for toes reduces circulation and encourages a range of problems from cramping of feet; heels push the toes deeper into the end of the shoe.
  • Cover hard floors: If you are confined to a certain space and it has a hard floor covering, use a rubber mat or rug to cushion the area that you are standing on.
  • Compression hose and socks: Compression socks are well known among people suffering from leg or foot problems but they have benefits that many people, including active individuals and those who stand on their feet all day.

If you experience chronic pain, be sure to see a podiatrist who can properly diagnose a specific foot problem or ailment and give you professional treatment. If you have trouble walking or your feet are in pain for more than a few days, don’t wait it out thinking the pain will go away since it may lead to a worse condition and longer healing time.

Now, we got your feet in that perfect conditioning and how do we keep that situation when you’re wearing footwear?

Does your style of footwear provide you these features?


If your 6E width is too tight and you need additional widths. We have those 9E, 10E and 14E width for all Ladies and Men that need these extra – extra wide widths all found at

If you’re already in pretty good shape, then walking is an excellent addition to your routine. If you have health concerns or are quite out of shape, be sure to get cleared by your healthcare provider before embarking any new physical activity.

Does your shoe allow you to have wiggle room in your toes?

Does your shoe give you that full arch support?

Does your shoe have one of the strongest mid and heel section in the shoe business? No Bi-lateral- movement.

Do your shoes create no hangover for the bottom of your feet?

Do your shoes offload or take the pressure off your areas that are hurting you?

Do your shoes have a fuller toe box or fuller instep support?

Does your shoe supplier give you up o 3 pairs of Heat Modalble Customized Inserts that will create a feeling of walking on a pillow all day long?

Does your shoe have a steel shank?

Does your shoe have a removable footbed?

Do your shoes come with spacers to help control the fit of your sho

Does your shoe line have all the needed widths for everybody on this planet?

Does your shoe line offer 4A 2A B D E 2E 3E 4E 5E6E 7E 9E 10E 14E in widths for Men and Ladies?

Does your shoe line offer up to a 20 in length for men?

Does your shoe line offer up to a 15, in length, for ladies?

Does your shoe have a protective layer that protects your foot from the ground?

Does your shoe line have an An “AIRFLOW SYSTEM” – IN THE HEEL to help protect you from the outer surfaces when running or walking?

Does your shoe allow an offloading system for heel spurs?

Will your shoe help prevent calluses or corns to your feet?

Does your shoe have a split-gill system to offload the pressure for a bunion?

I just talk, today, with an old shoe dog that been running his shoe store for 45 years and I ask him about a 9E, 10E, 14E and he has never heard of these widths before and he has some great shoe lines in his store.

I told him we just shipped an 18 14E width to a young man in Australia. He stated I can not comprehend such a size and this is an old shoe person.

We at can answer Yes to all these statements above!

Maybe it’s time to look at very seriously!

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