At DTF, we believe that a combination of high-quality footwear and top of the line, triple-layer, heat molded custom inserts is the WINNING COMBINATION! Lets  talk about Running/Walking shoes for Men and Ladies/

At DTF, we believe that a combination of high-quality footwear and top of the line, triple-layer, heat molded custom inserts is the WINNING COMBINATION!

Let’s  talk about Running/Walking shoes for Men and Ladies/ Here is one of our great Men style that has that famous Air Flow Heel System in all our famous widths

The Running Shoe World Here is another style of this great Air Flow System that gives that unbelievable added support in the heel section and then you add those fantastic Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize inserts you can not ft find any better combination of support, protection, fit, balance.

A great running or walking  style for ladies in all our famous widths

Unfortunately, we have a hunch that you just spent a lot of money on an expensive pair of high-end running shoes expecting them to solve your problem and end your pain.
  Did they??? 
We’re not surprised to hear they didn’t, but you might be scratching your head as to why. 

Watch this informational DTF video explaining the primary differences between conventional athletic footwear and therapeutic athletic footwear.  We think you’ll find your answer.

  Now, let’s talk in more detail about the ten reasons that make orthopedic/therapeutic footwear the better choice for the health of your foot:  

  1. Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes have the strongest mid-support in the shoe business, preventing bilateral movement, and a midsection depth that gives you support. Plus, the maximum room available in the footwear world.
  2. They also have the most solid heel counter in the business, working to prevent the bi-lateral movement of your foot.

  3. In an orthopedic/therapeutic shoe, you’ll also find a taller/fuller toe box creating more space and wiggle room for your toes.

4)   Extended bottoms give you the fullest width and support, more than any other shoe company out there.

5)    They’re a lightweight shoe causing less wear and tear on your feet, without skimping on support.

6)    Removable Arch support, or customized insert, create a more advanced support system for your foot.

The next time you buy a pair of shoes, makes sure they have a removable foot bed.  With a removable foot bed, you’ll be able to use your custom made inserts, which offer far more support and comfort than a standard factory foot bed.

  Approximately eighty-five percent of athletic shoes have zero support in the factory-made inserts. It’s beneficial to your foot to use an insert explicitly molded for your foot, but you can not stack a custom insert on top of a factory-made foot bed. 

Ensure the shoe’s foot bed is removable before making a purchase.  For more information about our triple-layered, heat molded, custom inserts, and how to get THREE pairs for FREE, visit

7)   Women’s styles have a 3 to 1 combination for better fit and support for your heel.

8)   A fuller forefront in the construction of the footwear creates a more comfortable, supportive fit.

9)   The deeper heel counters promote better balance and support of the heel.

10)  Leather lining creates more flexibility and breathability for the foot. Need a specific size, width, or length? Not to worry, we have you covered!  We have 4 A (slender width for ladies), 2 A (narrow width for ladies), B ( Medium width for ladies and narrow width for men), D (medium width for men and wide width for ladies).

Then, 2 E, 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E, 10 E, 14 E widths in men’s and women’s styles.

We carry up to size 20 in men’s styles, and 15 in women’s. 

We have 5 to 6 lengths in select styles for men and 4 1/2 to 5 in women’s length. 

Why they call us the “King Of Widths.”


First:     We are Orthopedic, but one has one more feature, and that is we are also Therapeutic in design and construction.

We give more features, construction, last, widths, fit, support, balance, and fitting system that works and makes your day always pleasant when dealing with your feet.

With this combination of TWO GREAT FEATURES you receive this from your footwear when dealing with

With these TWO GREAT FEATURES  combinations, here are a few more advantages of this type of construction and last AGAIN WHAT IS NO BILATERAL MOVEMENT IN THE SHOE!  BIG DEAL? OH YEA!

  2nd:  We have Fashionable or Designer styling in our footwear and offer all our great features as well!

4th:  We give you one to three sets of  Triple-Layer HEAT MOLDABLE CUSTOMIZED INSERTS, and this is a value up to $240.00 given to you or FREE! THE ONLY WEBSITE, ON THE INTERNET, THAT WILL GIVES THIS VALUE FREE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!

5th: One of the only shoe lines on the website that offer an extension of the bottoms to those wider widths that you might need!

6th:  3 TO 1 COMBINATION  LAST FOR WOMEN! UNHEARD OF IN THE WOMEN’S SHOE WORLD! What a difference in fit for Ladies.

7th:  Great selection of styling for AFO, Arizona braces that will fit perfectly into our shoes!


 Thank you,    

  Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 | Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.      

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