Another interesting Unique treatment for Morton’s Neuroma. Then we’ll expalin why is so important in helping relief the pain and in helping in preventing!

Morton’s Neuroma

Unique treatment for Morton’s Neuroma.

morton's neuroma pain

Stop Morton’s Neuroma pain.


Metatarsal bones are the five long bones in the foot. Inter-metatarsal Neuroma of the foot is a common problem that results in swelling and inflammation of the nerves, located between the 2nd and 3rd, or 3rd and 4th metatarsals. This condition can present gradually, or very rapidly when associated with trauma.

Once the pain begins, it will progress. The pain is directly related to the amount of time you spend walking and standing. The intense and disabling nature of the pain associated with Morton’s Neuroma eventually demands attention. Unfortunately, the treatment of this disabling condition eludes most physicians and surgeons and the patient is forced to gradually eliminate their activity.


Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma.

treatment for Morton's Neuroma

  • Numbness in the early stages of the condition between the two involved toes.
  • Sharp shooting pain, that starts under the metatarsal region, and then radiates into the two adjacent toes.
  • Pain with palpation of the inflamed inter-metatarsal nerves and a characteristic “click” with manipulation of the metatarsal bones are all classical signs of a Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Pain aggravated by walking, standing, running…



Foot function causes Morton's Neuroma

Change gait and stop Morton’s Neuroma pain.

 What is the cause of Morton’s Neuroma?

The cause of the inflammation is constant grinding on the nerve as you walk.

This results in a progressive enlargement and swelling of the nerve. The breakdown of the arch, known as pronation, produces instability of the metatarsals, and finally a movement that literally grinds the nerves between the bones. Over time the swelling gradually increases until it manifests as classical sharp, shooting, and often burning electrical, Neuroma pain.


What is the treatment for Morton’s Neuroma?


Metatarsal arch pad Morton's Neuroma

A Metatarsal Arch Pad is NOT your answer for Morton’s Neuroma.

Surgery is NOTyour answer for Morton’s Neuroma.

Most treatment at best will only mask some of the symptoms. Metatarsal arch pads, OTC and prescription pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, nutritional supplements, physical therapy, cortisone injections, and even prescription orthotics from your physician provide only minimal benefits. Invasive procedures like alcohol injections, laser, cyro, and radio-frequency ablation, prolotherapy, even surgical release, and excision, have a very low long-term success. More importantly, even if these dangerous procedures do work, the way you walk and stand would just cause another Neuroma. Contrary to the opinion of many physicians/surgeons, multiple Neuromas in both feet are VERY common. Surgical Alternative


  • If you have been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma.
  • If anti-inflammatory and pain medications have not helped.
  • If cortisone injections have not resolved the pain.
  • If pain continues even with a decrease in walking and standing.
  • If you have changed shoe styles, tried pads, or used other orthotics and insoles.
  • AVOID invasive “nerve destruction” procedures. (alcohol, laser, cyro-ablation, surgical excision)


Successful long-term treatment for Morton’s Neuroma with THETA


Progressive orthotics for Morton's Neuroma

Theta IS your answer for Morton’s Neuroma


Theta progressively changes the way you walk until your pain stops. Without constant irritation every step you take, the swelling subsides and your pain goes away. Because theta progressively changes foot function to levels far beyond what other foot control devices can do, Theta will keep you active and stop the pain, when all other treatments, orthotics, and even surgery have failed.

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