ALERT!! For all those Ladies and Gentlemen that their shoes are getting too tight. WE CAN HELP

ALERT!! For all those Ladies and Gentlemen that their shoes are getting too tight. WE CAN HELP! (Note, sorry for the quality of the video – so just listen to my enthusiastic conversation)

If you wearing a 6E (in Men’s and Women’s) is there a more fuller width? OH YES, we can get you into a 9E 10E or 14E width (if needed) or put you into a 6E width that is a therapeutic designed and fits like a TRUE 6E width.

What makes our shoe line unique? One of the primary reasons is the selection of widths and lengths that we carry. We have size 9E widths for men and women that are built on extended bottoms that will give you the room your feet need. We also have 10E and 14E widths for men and women, which is a significant increase in our sales each month. If you need a more extensive length, we do have up to size 20 in men’s and up to size 15 in length for women’s shoes. We have the sizes and the styles to help keep your feet healthy, balanced and feeling comfortable all the time. For more information go to

Remember 85 percent of our business is dealing with normal sizes but what makes us unique in the internet world is our added widths Narrow’s 4A 2A (for Ladies) B (Narrow) for Men to our extra -extra width widths of 9e 10e 14e for Men and Women. Then add those (1 to 3 sets) of FREE Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that makes our fit and support out of this world.

After watching the Super Bowl, the other day, and watching some great commercials – that talk about topics of helpful situations in our world today- they never preach about their product- that was GREAT- Oh yes, the game was a well-played game as well.

That’s what I want to do with my educational videos, and that is to help the world in problem situations, I try not to sale in the video, but I do make up for it in my written information (sorry. I’m just so enthusiastic about our products). This video is a Facebook Live that I love doing them because they are not as professional done, but they let me be me.

If you need Boots, Sneakers, Sandals, and Slippers; we got your size and width to fit you – Guarantee!

We are for real and we want to help the world in creating a “Health Happy Feet.” Every month we keep growing – so it is working.

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