A Story about Kim Catrall that was born in the UK


If you wear a large size in footwear, you are not alone.

Many well know female celebrities are known to wear a larger size in their footwear.

Here is one:

Kim Cattrall, who wears a size 9 ½ in her footwear.

Here are some interesting facts about this great lady.

We go to a 15 in women’s length and 20 in men’s length as well.

Now if Kim needs a wider width

We have B to a 14E in our line of  shoes, and that is in women’s and men’s as well


Kim Cattrall was born in Widnes, Cheshire, the UK on August 21, 1956.

Her family immigrated to British Columbia, Canada when she was a year old.

But she went back to England at age 11 when her grandmother fell ill.

During Kim’s stay in England, she studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

When Kim Cattrall was 16, she returned to Canada, where most of her films were made.

Kim Cattrall’s acting career began in 1972 when she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

She first signed a movie deal with director Otto Preminger, but after a year, she transferred to Universal Studios and was cast the role of Dr. Gabrielle White in The Incredible Hulk (1979).

During the ’80s, Cattrall went on to make commercially successful as well as critically acclaimed movies.

Such as Ticket to Heaven, Tribute, and the original Police Academy.

Her lead role in the 1987 film ‘Mannequin’ resulted in a major audience success.

The soon to follow role of the traitor ‘Lieutenant Valeris’ in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country made Kim Cattrall a star.

Kim Cattrall was also active in theatre and did stints for Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge and Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters.

But her major success to date was on television, where she landed on the role of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City.

Her being Samantha Jones earned her TV commercials including that of Pepsi and Pepsi One.

As well as for Nissan automobiles. Kim continued her film work while being in Sex and the City, and she remained on the show until its finale in spring 2004.

In 2001, Kim Cattrall was named as one of the “25 Most Intriguing People” by the People’s Magazine.

After Sex and the City, Cattrall appeared in the movie Ice Princess, the movie failed to hit the box office.

It was also rumored that Cattrall will be taking a role in Desperate Housewives. She also starred in John Boorman’s The Tiger’s Tail in 2006.

Kim has an older sister, a teacher living in British Columbia.

Cattrall was married to Larry Davis, Andre Lyson, and Mark Levinson.

All her marriages ended in divorce except for the annulment of her marriage with Larry Davis.

Currently, she is dating Canadian Chef Alan Wyse whom she met in 2004, and it reported that the two are soon to be married.

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