A New Revision of the 5 TIPS FOR SHOE BUYERS WITH WIDE FEET Please read this article if you have wide feet! UNDERSTAND!


One example of our 14E width shoe for Men 728E and have this in 9E- 10E 14E and oh yes, 2E 3E 4E 5E 6E 7E for Men and Women.  Yes we have sexier styles in these widths as well for both genders

5 TIPS FOR SHOE BUYERS WITH WIDE FEET Please read this article if you have wide feet! UNDERSTAND!

Wide-feet people: stand up and be counted! Know what you need to do to achieve the foot comfort and support you deserve!

Many people are born with wide feet, but this condition often comes with age, weight gain, and even pregnancy. Women’s hips are more fuller, they tend to have wide feet more often than men. Directly standing for long periods of time can bring on a broader, flatter foot.

Here are some rules of thumb for being kind to your wide feet:

Look for shoes with removable linings and insoles. Make room! Your footwear should be flexible enough to allow you to take off and add-on, to get your feet into the comfort zone. DTF shoes will give you this option.

Say no to slip-on. This is always a temptation for people with wide feet, but resist! They’re convenient, but they’ll make your feet slide forward and crowd up in the toe box. Stick with laced shoes (see next tip).

Choose shoes with a closure system. Laces and Velcro straps give you the option to adjust the width and the way your shoes fit.

Avoid pointy shoes. The shoes you want for your wide feet feature fuller shoe boxes (this is the term for the front of the shoe). The simple reason: room for your toes.

Choose a shoe with features that work with your wide feet. Select a shoe with a soft upper, with a more fuller outsole (extended bottom) that provides a more stable base. Your footwear should be biomechanically engineered from the ground up, with supportive insoles that absorb shock and stress that your feet encounter while walking.

Go to those sites that offer 4E to 14E in widths for men and women. Very few on the internet. Go to the website that provides that complete comfort program and that is the perfect shoe and the ideal HEAT MOLDABLE CUSTOMIZED INSERTS. WOW. I SEE A LOT OF INSETS BEING ADVERTISED ON TELEVISION, AND ON THE INTERNET but not the two most essential elements for maximum support, balance, proper gait, strength offered together, and that is SHOES AND INSERTS!

To find relief from the above conditions go to www.dtfootwear.com and view all the styles and understand widths need the base as well as upper and a selection of widths (no minor league but major league) and with DTF we have 4A to 14E widths, for men and women. With all our removable inserts we can add those great Heat Moldable Customized Inserts and YES, we offer 1 to 3 sets of inserts for FREE. Listen below why these inserts are out of this world!

Why are we so HOT? That we a therapeutic/orthotic line – not just a comfort line but so much more and here is what are the differences between Therapeutic/Orthotic footwear and Comfort and Athletic footwear? What a difference- mainly lack bi-lateral movement on your feet, or we create a lot less wear and tear to your feet:

Again, we carry sizes from 4A to 14E widths for Men and Women. Try to find all those sizes under one website!

That means Slender, Narrow to Extra Extra Extra Wide Widths for Ladies and Narrow to Extra Extra Extra Wide Widths for Men.

That carries lengths up to a 20 for Men and 15 in Women’s length

Join the 4th pair FREE Club ( new program for us), and you don’t have to buy all three pairs to obtain your 4th FREE

Again, receive 1 to 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts (value up to $240) all for FREE YES FREE!! Once you start wearing these inserts, you never go back to the conventional form of support. Most shoes and that is athletic or comfort provide terrible inserts

Why do I keep preaching about these HEAT MOLDABLE CUSTOMIZED INSERTS?

Let’s two videos tell you why:

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