A great runner for the San Diego Charges and after watching them today – I think they can use him. Interesting story about this great runner

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A number of football players don’t want to rival their shoe size? But they well rival their height and weight and we can determine their shoe size with a standard measurement scale. So LaDainian Tomlinson (who is number 5 on the list of all time yardage gainers in the NFL) is 5’10” and his weight is 215 pounds, he should be a size 10 in shoe size. Some interesting information about LaDainian Tomlinson then and now career, but Yes, we carry LaDainian’s shoe size. We go to a 17 in men’s length and 15 in women’s length as well. Now if LaDainian needs a wider width – we have up to 14 E widths in our line of shoes and that is in Men’s and Women’s as well.

When LaDainian Tomlinson was growing up in Rosebud, Texas, he used to sleep with a football under his arm for safekeeping. If parents thought that their son would grow up into what Tomlinson is now, every kid’s stuffed animal would be replaced by a pigskin.
LT is what an NFL team dreams of when they draft a player. Especially when they select a player in the first five picks, which Tomlinson was in the 2001 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers.
When an agreement could not be reached for top rated quarterback Michael Vick, the Chargers decided to trade the No. 1 overall pick to the Atlanta Falcons for their No. 5 pick as well as other compensation. That No. 5 pick was used to select Tomlinson out of TCU.
Tomlinson started all 16 games for San Diego his rookie year, rushing for 1,236 yards on 339 carries and 10 touchdowns. He went on to rush for 1,683 yards in his second season, which currently was a career best until he rushed for 1, 815 yards in ’06.
LT has an NFL record 80 touchdowns in his first five seasons and in the ‘05 season, he showed everybody why he is a triple threat. He reached pay dirt 18 times on the ground, caught two and threw for four touchdowns, which is why fellow teammate Lorenzo Neal calls him “Superman without a cape”.
Thanks to a marvelous ’06 season, Tomlinson now holds the all-time NFL record for single season touchdowns with 31. He also grabbed the NFL’s MVP award that year, in an utter landslide after help take the Chargers to a league-best 14-2 record and the postseason. Even though San Diego had an early exit from the postseason last year, no one can take away the year LT had, rushing for 1,815 yards, scoring 28 times on the ground and catching 56 passes for 508 yards and three receiving touchdowns.
Tomlinson holds the all-time record for most points scored in a single season with 186 and also has the honors for most consecutive games with at least one rushing touchdown with 18. In just six NFL seasons, he’s already the Chargers all-time rushing leader.
Many national pundits still debate regularly what team got the better deal in ’01. While opinions vary, it’s probably safe to say no one in the San Diego who is a Charger fan will ever disagree with the selection of L “Superman without a cape” T.
Being that LaDainian Tomlinson is a 10 (estimate size) in shoe sizes and we carry 7 lengths pass his size, we carry up to a 17 in length for men and for women we carry up to 15 in length. I don’t know LaDainian’s width but if he needs a wider width, “Extra Wide Shoes’ or “Wide Wide Shoes” then we have that for him as well being that we carry up to 14E width and that is women’s as well.
We have the best athletic, casual, dressy designs, walking styles of men’s and women’s in the Therapeutic/Comfort line of shoes in the country. We have the length and the widths and where proud of our designs and construction in the world of “Women’s Wide Shoes” Any person that needs a proper fitting width needs to know that the shoes need a extension on the sole of the shoe to properly house their foot with no hang over with their feet to the shoe. What is meant that every width, with us (in a good percentage of our shoes) have two width wider at the outsole of the shoe. So if you need a 6E width, we’ll have an 8E bottom for the base of that width. So again no hang over for your feet and a perfect base for your feet to have all the support and balance that is needed.
A Comfort shoe is usually not a Therapeutic shoe and a Comfort shoe usually has very little mid section support. The lack of the Mid Section support allows your feet to be moving forward and lateral at the same time. These two movements add a great deal more wear and tear on your feet. If you need a view of all our styles, please go to our site dtfootwear.com
Now beside us having up to 9E, 10E and 14E in women’s and men’s styles of fashion Therapeutic/Comfort footwear; we have a FREE GIFT to you, with every purchase of shoes, we will give you up to 3 sets of Customized Heat Moldable Inserts that will give more support, added balance and stability in your every day wearing of the shoe.

We, at DTF, have a deep concern for diabetics and their need for properly fitted footwear. We can provide “wide widths” – 4A to 14E – in both men’s and women’s footwear, and we can help those who have difficulty finding “over sizes” – 11 to 17 in length. We, also, can provide footwear in “under sizes” – 4 to 6 in length. In addition to being capable of providing these wide widths in fashionable styles of Therapeutic/Comfort footwear; we are offering a FREE GIFT to you! With every pair of shoes purchased, we will include up to (3) sets of Customized Heat Moldable Inserts that will provide even more support, added balance and stability every time you wear your shoes.

I hope that this blog has provided you with enough information to help you understand how we can help you. In conclusion, if you are having problems with your feet please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone 909-215-1622. I am often on the phone or in a meeting, so please leave a message and I will return your call at my earliest opportunity!

We have a saying, in our company, “try us and you’ll have the experience of walking on a pillow, all day long, with more added support and more room and balance that you have ever had in any of your shoes before.” Guaranteed!


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