8 Tips For Being On Foot This Travel Season. Last 7 tips,  a few surprised me. Does hiking footwear need width and space? Like  10 E WIDE construction and styling?

8 Tips For Being On Foot This Travel Season. Last 7 tips,  a few surprised me. Does hiking footwear need width and space? Like  10 E WIDE construction and styling?

Pleasant weather and longer days induce us to head outdoors to explore, get back to nature, and make a dash to change up our normal routines. Summertime is great for lightweight outdoor adventure – whether it be local parks, cityscapes or foreign lands. Whatever your journey, your feet are at the forefront of making your trip a success.

Before anything, evaluate your feet

Start by making sure your feet are in good shape. Check for any abnormalities that you might not have noticed since your feet will be put into overdrive during your walk or trek. Any small injury, even a callus or slight condition such as a bunion, can be exacerbated with the stresses of constant motion and varying terrains. Be sure to render aid and protect any areas of your feet in advance. The pounding your feet will take will certainly induce pain and discomfort for an existing foot condition. This pounding can be controlled by a great pair of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts that happen to come FREE when you purchase a pair of shoes for us dtfootwear.com.

1. Never take long trips or hike in flip flops or open-heel footwear

Sandals and minimalist footwear are now becoming popular for hiking. Whatever you wear should protect your toes, provide adequate ankle support, and protect the soles of your feet. Never hike in flip flops or open-heel footwear – this is especially dangerous in mountainous terrain where tripping and falling can be a potentially life-threatening occurrence.

 2. Choose shoes designed for your activities and  goals

If you’re new to hiking for instance,  it is best to consult an expert at an outdoor retailer or specialty shop. These experts can assist you in analyzing your feet and your gait, and in choosing the best footwear for your foot type and the kind of hiking you plan to do. You can also find a great selection of hiking footwear for ladies and great selection of hiking boots  ( look through all the boots  section – more to choices) for men. Then add that unbelievable heat moldable customized inserts from us at dtfootwear.com

3. Blended wool and synthetic padded socks that wick moisture

Pure cotton feels great but it soaks in moisture and holds on to it, which is not good for your feet on long trips. The key is to keep your feet as dry as possible and prevent friction. Blended wool and synthetic, moisture wicking socks help keep your feet dryer and less prone to bacterial growth are ideal.

4. Footwear should fit well and be laced up properly and fitting well means that correct type of footwear. Not comfort footwear but Therapeutic/Orthopedic designed footwear and is there a differences?

Whatever type of footwear you choose, make sure that your heel fits snug and your toes are free to move around – especially wiggle room in the toes.. Ill fitting footwear is a major problem, even in you’re your daily routines. For lacing, keep your heel firmly to the back of the boot while not cutting off circulation to your toes and in-step. The best bet for long trips is to use shoes you have already worn-in and comfortable, but still sturdy and strong.

5. Go further in comfort by utilizing orthotics

Most hikers know the importance of boot and shoe fit, but replaceable insoles often get overlooked. Even for basic travel or long walks incorporating extra cushion and arch support in your footwear can give you more power to get the best out of your trip and keep you feeling healthy.  Most standard shoe footbeds only provide minimal support that can’t stand up to hundreds of hard miles of daily use and can compress quickly.

6. Very important: trim your toenails

One overlooked but absolutely crucial piece of advice for hiking foot care is to clip your toenails before heading out. Remember to cut your toenails back, because if they’re too long they’re going to hammer against the toe box of your shoe and you’re going to lose a nail. Make sure the corners of your nails are rounded nicely so that your toes fit in your shoe, and, when they’re continually moving for balance, they don’t dig in and scrape each other.

7. Apply helpful, soothing powders and creams

The next step in taking care of your feet will require some experimentation, and getting to know your own body. Some hikers and travelers swear by a variety of creams and powders, while others simply don’t need them. You’ll need to try some of them for yourself, and even mix and match, to see what works for you.

  • Antiperspirant Spray – It will theoretically keep your feet from sweating, which reduces moisture, which will help prevent blisters.
  • Foot Powder – Another option for keeping your feet friction-free is to put some powder into your socks before you put them on.
  • Moisturizing Creams/Balms/Lubricants – Some hikers prefer to actually moisturize or oil their feet before a hike. As with the other options, the idea is to eliminate any friction. If your feet are well lubed, the rubbing won’t cause hot spots.
  • Tapes – There are two approaches to using tapes on your feet. One is to pre-tape before you hike where you know your boots might rub or where you’ve had problems on your feet before. The other is to tape your feet mid-hike when you feel a hot spot, or as triage when you get a blister.

7 more tips to ensure you stay safe

For a lone traveler, it’s more important to worry about safety than it is for group hikers. To avoid getting lost, injured, or stuck in the middle of a storm, follow these recommendations.

  1. Test your equipment a week before the adventure
  2. Ask a friend or relative to watch your back
  3. Always check weather reports
  4. Visit every ranger station
  5. Build your first aid kit carefully
  6. Never listen to music during a hike
  7. Keep your cell phone charged


Healthy Happy Feet

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