7 Things You Need to Know About Buying Your Next Pair of Diabetic Shoes

There are thousands to choose from, diabetic shoes, on the internet.

Some manufacturers are great, and 70 percent of the rest are way below satisfaction to the person who needs them.

1 out of 4 diabetic patients will have the disease attack their feet, and no doctor, primary, DPM, etc., can tell you who those will be.

So, if you have diabetes and do not want your feet to obtain wounds that could turn into ulcerations, and have a rage of neuropathy, then diabetic shoes are your answer.

Your feet are the only part of your body that takes 100 percent of your weight!

So, if your feet hurt, you hurt all over!

That hurt converts, in many cases, to attitude and pain.

Then. At www.dtfootwear.com, we create Happy Days for you all day and night long for all people with diabetes.!

How? Let’s talk about the seven major points that you need to know about a diabetic shoe.

1) A diabetic shoe has to have NO inter seams, and these seams can irritate afoot that is dealing with diabetes.

2) All tremendous diabetic shoes have to have a removable footbed.

For those needed, Heat Moldable Customize Inserts to help keep the disease out of the foot. MANDATORY!

3) All fantastic diabetic shoes have to have a significant number of widths to be the best success ever for people with diabetes.

4) All unbelievable diabetic shoes need to have a soft leather upper or an upper that can comfort the need of the foot, and these stretchable uppers

5) All diabetic shoes need to be more than just comfortable shoes.

But a Therapeutic/Orthopedic last upper for added wiggle room to the foot.

6) Those unique diabetic shoes need to have the most substantial midsection and heel counter support .

Were to create no additional wear and tear to the foot or no bilateral movement

7) Extra toe box depth and space and deeper counter (heels) are mandatory to have the best support and added wiggle room for diabetes.

Only found in Orthopedic/Therapeutic style of diabetic shoes.

Other reasons for lack of support and comfort to your current footwear:

Lack of Width is one of the significant reasons for aches and pains in your feet.

For most styles found on the internet, the widest they go is maybe a 4E for men or ladies!

We have 6E 7E, 9E, 10E, and 14E widths for all our Men and Ladies worldwide.

Plus, with this excellent width selection, we have added wiggle in all our footwear.

More wiggle room, especially in the toe box and heel counter in every one of our shoe styles.

We are the only website on this planet that offers up to 3 sets of FREE Triple Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that mold to every part of the bottom of your foot. Mandatory for every person with diabetes!

These inserts are a $240.00 value or what we call a gift to you for NO CHARGE!

Once you start wearing them, you’ll understand why so many people love this added support to their feet and the need for circulation to the feet and legs through these inserts.

Please no squeezing your FEET!

We need to create perfect circulation to your feet and legs to help make the fullest comfort zone for your body!

Come and join us at www.dtfootwear.com and see why we are one of the fastest-growing footwear lines in the country!

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | 


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