Is your 6E width shoe, and this is for men’s and women’s, are the kind of hurting you? A little too tight? Do you know they do make 9E, 10E, and 14E in women’s and a 7E as well for women?

The 9E, 10E, and 14E widths are very important because a lot of 6E are getting more contoured. Companies that are great companies out there are narrowing their toe box making things thinner. We’ve received a lot of comments on this.
There are a number of shoe manufactures that make a 9E, a 10E, and even a 14E, or a 7E again in women’s. And you know where one place you can find them? You can find them at dtfootwear.com.
Do your feet suffer from a lot of swelling? These widths help you. You just got a good healthy, nice-sized foot? We can help you.
And I mean I’ve got people that will talk to somebody else’s shoe store and say well you know I need a 9E or 10E, I need some wider than 6E. They say tough luck. We can help you.
If you have a question, fill out the comment box down below. Or, you call call me directly if you have any questions or need some answers. I will answer the phone and we want to help you.

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