6 Podiatrist Recommended Foot Care Tips For Winter. Will these winter footwear fit better if they are constructed with a Wide Width or what we call a wider constructed upper and base?

6 Podiatrist Recommended Foot Care Tips For Winter. Will these winter footwear fit better if they are constructed with a Wide Width or what we call a wider constructed upper and base?

Ron Heinlein

Ron Heinlein

6 Podiatrist Recommended Foot Care Tips For Winter

With the winter season is here, you’ve felt the chill in the air – and snow, slush, and sleet – which means that you been using your heavier footwear and socks! Wintertime is a tough season for your feet even though they will be covered most of the time. This is the reason now is the time to do a careful evaluation of your feet and prepare them for long cold months ahead.

Here are some useful tips from directly from noted New York podiatrist, Dr. Emily Splichal, who has some easy cost-effective ways to optimize your foot health this season and beyond.

1. Take a polish vacation, suggests Dr. Splichal, in order to help rejuvenate nails. She recommends over-the-counter products such as Biotin, a dietary supplement often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. It’s part of the B complex group of vitamins and needed by the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Another useful supplement is black currant oil. According to Dr. Splichal, it contains a fatty acid that keeps nails moist. And, she added, vitamin C is always good for hair, skin and nail health.

2. For those planning to visit a podiatrist this season for a routine exam, Dr. Splichal noted Nuvail is a prescription lacquer applied to the nails to strengthen them. You can ask your doctor for details.

3. Climate control is another source of concern during the colder months when closed-toe footwear is typically worn. “In closed shoes, you want to combat sweating,” said Dr. Splichal. Brew some black tea and allow your feet to soak in it. “It has tannic acid that [helps] shrink sweat glands in the feet to prevent sweating,” she explained. “Soak your feet for 30 minutes every day for seven days.”

4. Dry heels are also a product of winter, said Dr. Splichal, who has a simple remedy: rub Vaseline onto heels after showering or bathing. It acts as a sealant that locks in moisture. For the most effectiveness, cover feet in plastic wrap overnight.

5. For those who want the full spa effect, try smoothing rough heels with a pumice stone. Here, Dr. Splichal suggests first softening the stone with water, then applying to the heels. If opting for a PedEgg foot file, keep feet dry as well before using. Here, a stainless steel micro file gently removes calluses and dead skin.

6. Hosiery can also play a part in foot health. Dr. Splichal suggests socks made with bamboo for breathability, or styles impregnated with silver or copper that exhibit antimicrobial features. While cotton is a natural fiber, Dr. Splichal said it absorbs sweat in socks rather than wicking moisture away; wool or synthetic blend fiber is a better choice.

Now, proper footwear that will be insulated and weatherproof is mandatory and hope your selection has some of the following features to help your feet to be safe, comfortable, dry, and wiggle room.

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