Are those 4E or 6E widths getting too tight?

Are those 4E or 6E widths getting too tight?


Ron Heinlein

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Ron Heinlein

CEO of that offers widths 4A to14E widths for Men’s/Women’s. We have 887 styles for you to choose from!

Are those 4E or 6E widths getting too tight?

You know, Gentlemen and Ladies, we can put you in a

wider width!

A question I receive all the time, should we put you in

a longer length?

Most footwear lines will do, the longer length,

because they don’t have the width selection, and the only way to get you into their shoe is by going longer!

The longer we go, the more we put your ball width (the

widest part of your foot) into the narrow last of the shoe.

We need to put your ball width in the fullest width

structure of the shoe.

All this means that the fullest part of your foot

into the broadest part of the shoe.

We, at, have passed a 6E width, and

that is 7E 9E 10E 14E widths for Men and Ladies.


Thank you,

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