Will DTFootwear.com Footwear Solve or Cure Edema and Diabetic Foot Problems?/dtfootwear.com

Will DTFootwear.com Footwear Solve Edema and Diabetic Foot Problems?/dtfootwear.com

I’ll let the video do the talking over this question.

If you are just finding out that you or someone you know is a diabetic, then here are some things you need to know about diabetic footwear and its importance.

Diabetic orthopedic/therapeutic footwear can help deal with such foot symptoms as peripheral neuropathy, ulcerations, wounds and bruises, poor circulation and tingling or numbness in the feet. This list is just a few of the things a diabetic might encounter, and we will talk about more symptoms in this video. Diabetic shoes offer the support needed to deal with many of these problems, and our footwear includes our triple – layer heat moldable customize inserts (that you will receive FREE with your purchase) which are so imported in helping a person with diabetes?

You can find out more in this edema and diabetic conditions by going to our website at www.dtfootwear.com.

Here is where you find these educational product videos and a full view of our 265 videos. If you don’t see a video that covers your needs – then email or call me



Eighty percent of our business is people who have no foot problems, but they want maximum comfort and support that we offer in all of our products! Having the strongest midsection and heel counter in the shoe business is an essential element for support, balance, fit, comfort, and total happiness. Having up to 3 sets of FREE Heat Moldable Customized inserts help obtain that maximum comfort and support to your feet as well.

Here’s a view video exampling the reason for these Heat Moldable Customized Inserts




MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS that you find at www.dtfootwear.com and dealing with the Medical world (Diabetics) at DTF Co


We got those 9E widths for Men and Ladies – We got those 10E widths for Men and Ladies – we -got those 14 e widths for Men and ladies – we have those hot designer therapeutic footwear for men – we have those hot therapeutic footwear for women – we have orthotic/orthopedic construction in all our footwear for men and women – therapeutic/orthopedic footwear for men and women – bunion and hammertoe footwear for men and women – extra – extra wide widths for all you men and women out there- designer diabetic footwear that has all those widths- therapeutic footwear for hurting feet – edema footwear for men and women – footwear for ladies- orthotic shoes online – therapeutic shoes online – comfort shoes online- diabetic shoes for ladies and men – women’s diabetic shoes extra wide- health shoes online- diabetic shoes online- extra depth athletic shoes- extra extra wide men’s shoes – extra extra wide women’s shoes – nursing shoes for wide feet – bunion and hammertoes shoes for men and women

Why Does DTF Provide 3 Inserts With Each Shoe?

If you have diabetes or have edema, do these inserts help?

Diabetic Shoe Inserts For Your Health

2)      The meaning when we say “ that a therapeutic/orthopedic or orthotic reduces wear and tear are dealing with your feet.” How, all our shoes are Therapeutic/Orthopeci (Orthotic) constructed, and these shoes create the maximum form of comfort, support, edema control, bunion, hammertoe offloading, diabetic friendly.

Therapeutic vs. Comfort Shoe

Designer Therapeutic Footwear Style 0617 7oz Men’s Athletic Shoe

3)      WE have 9E, 10E, and 14 E widths for our Gentlemen, and this is almost unheard in the shoe world.

Men’s 9E Style Shoes, Footwear Store Online | Dtfootwear

We can make several styles with our Special order program, and this is unheard of in the internet world dealing with footwear. Examples of a few of these styles that can convert to 9E 10E  or 14 E widths:

502, 801, 802, 9702, 9708, 9705, 9713, AM5605, 9704 and more styles

Special Orders – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear

4)      No other footwear line will offer 4 A (Slender for Ladies) Slender (4A) Width for Women Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear  2A (Narrow Width for Ladies) Narrow 2A Width Shoes, Footwear for Women | Dtfootwear B (Narrow width for Men) Narrow B Widths Shoes for Men’s | Dtfootwear B ( Medium width for Ladies). Now, D- 2E-3E -4E-5E-6E-7E-8E-9E width https://dtfootwear.com/product-category/9e-styles/ 10E  widthExtra Extra Wide Width Style Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (note three styles in stock and many more styles to convert to 10E width) and 14E width https://dtfootwear.com/product-category/mens/extra-extra-wide-width-style/ (note a number of our styles can conc=verte to a 14E width) These last two clicks found from our Extra Extra Wide Widths for Men

5)      We are one of the only footwear lines that will offer an extended bottom, and I’ll let this video explain to you what we mean:

Wide Width Shoes Are NOT Made The Same

6)      A measuring system that will guarantee a 95 percent fitting success and No other footwear line, on the internet, can make this statement:

The Proper Sizing Technique

7)      If you have Edema, Swelling with have the shoe for you and especially if you have bunion or hammertoe problems:

https://dtfootwear.com/shop/mens-single-velcro-lycra-style-for-those-ankle-and-toe-problems/  (note view the video on this page and see why we are so proud of this style)

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I have been in the footwear business for over 50 years and been trained by the best in the Therapeutic/Orthopedic world.



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