12 Reasons You Should be Talking About Wide Shoes

Most Athletic and Comfort footwear come in two widths and is Medium and Wide for men and women.

The lack of wiggle room, especially in your toes, is one of the significant reasons for discomfort to your feet. Think, if we physically put our feet into a vast all day long? That is the same as putting your feet into an ill-fitting pair of shoes.

Support, dealing with footwear, will be determined by the upper construction and sole base. So, let say that there are only two sizes for men and women in dealing with pants? That would be pretty impossible, and we would be plenty of individuals walking around without pants.

Well, the shoes are the same!

How do we fit everybody in only two widths?

Let’s Talk About the 12 Major Reasons for the need to have a Wide Width Selection for Your Shoes!

  • 1) Common sense is Comfort
  • 2) The need not have hanging feet over the sole of your shoe
  • 3) To create a better supporting upper dealing with a pair of shoes
  • 4) More girth in your foot determines more width needed in the shoe construction
  • 5) Swelling is one of the most significant needs for widths
  • 6) Great adjustability to the entrances of the shoe is needed as a tie or velcro
  • 7) Besides widths, uppers dealing with your shoe selection that has the flexibility of conforming to your feet
  • 8) What about what people call BIG FEET, and that is the need for those extra-extra wide shoes. Like 9E 10E 14E and yes for men and ladies?
  • 9) Perfect marriage combines widths and the no bilateral movement, constructed upper, for the feet.
  • 10) Wiggle room is mandatory for that perfect fit of shoes. Sixty percent of the cases that need width are not there for that to happen to the feet.
  • 11) Make sure that there is a substantial base or support underneath your feet!
  • 12) Does Wider shoes have to be UGLY?

How to pick the perfect width of a shoe?

  • Know your correct length and width!
  • Learn how to size yourself at home https://dtfootwear.com/sample-page-2-2/
  • Make sure your purchase a pair of shoes with the correct width but also have a removable footbed.
  • Measure your foot at the maximum or most total width of your foot
  • Pick an upper that has the best elasticity that will conform to every need of your foot.
  • A helpful rule for determining width: With our measuring system, your ball width is 4 1/2 to 5 inches, usually a 9E width. If your measurement is 5 to 5 1/2 inches, you typically have a 10E width, and 5 1/2 plus is usually a 14E width – accurate for Men’s and Women’s sizing.

One more Major Rule!

If your feet hurt on the top, you have an Ill-fitting pair of shoes, or let’s get them wider.

The bottom of your feet are killing you? 

You need some added support to the feet, and that is having a removable footbed and then adding our World Famous Triple Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts to those shoes!

Oh, yes, these inserts are FREE to you!

Author Bio:

I am Ron Heinlein, CEO of www.dtfootwear.com, and I have over 50 years of experience in providing. Hopefully, the most comfort those for you needs.

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